ReplyMind | Best Automatically And Networking AI Tool


ReplyMind is an automatically helpful reply and networking in social growth accomplice that helps users create an impact on their.


Use cases

it needs to install the free Google Chrome Extension.  If One time installed, it will be unconnected in your browser, authorizing you to access its attribute.

it assists with crafting replies on social marketing platforms. it builds emotion-like Thoughts and Suggestions to express yourself with ease. Try out a different version of your response until you are satisfied. 

it can also use different types of programs, including 

 Product Hunt, LinkedIn, X, to increase social growth and networking expertise.

It is a useful tool for those to better their social media presence and assignation.

Chrome extension is AI-powered and help you craft thoughtful, engaging response on the social media platform


Reply Mind Pros & Cons

  • Easy expression for pre-built emotions
  • Different platform response custom options
  • Regenerate possibility for fine-tunning 
  • Complete text option for trouble-free comment crafting

Features & Options

  • Queries
  • Writing Assistant
  • Emotion AI
  • Social Sharing
  • AI Optimization
  • Response Management
  • Social media marketing software


  • Social Appearance
  • Social growing
  • Automation process
  • Comment self-expression
  • Designing or producing
  • Planning
  • Platform affinity

Practical detail

  • Assist in online
  • API
  • Deployment SaaS/Web/Cloud
  • Customer type (Large enterprise, Medium business. Small Business)
  • Official website
  • Category(New SaaS software)

Pricing option

it has tensile pricing options, including a free tribunal and offering plans. Users can customize the AI-generated responses to keep their view and technique.

This tool can be used on different devices and modified to align with every platform’s purpose and quarry audience.

Pricing model:  Freemium(Free $ paid), Subscription

  1. Monthly    
  2.   Year

Business Pro Basic Free

$15month/billed $9month/billed year $5month/billed year Free                                 

Year 600 replies/month 300 replies/month 200replies

1200 replies/month                                           

Comparison of ReplyMind

  • Reply Mind VS Social Plans
  • Reply Mind VS Yay! Forms
  • Reply Mind VS Get Globy App

In Conclusion

it is an AI-drive tool that invests the power of GPT-3.5 turbo to convert comment and reply functions.

It is advantageous for busy professionals to attempt to grow their social presence properly on platforms like Twitter, Linked In. and Product Hunt.

Its converted to reply tool and browser extension are designed to make networking efforts more systematic and effectual.


What is replymind?

It is an automatically helpful reply and networking in social growth accomplice that helps users create an impact on their social appearance.
Devi AI is an AI Social Media Manager who although perfect keywords on social media
Simple, Effortless Networking: A one-click automated reply tool is created to make networking easier.
Our AI-powered cutting-edge tool is designed to effortlessly expand your audience while saving you time so you can concentrate on what matters most to your business.
AI tool that helps us buy professionals to grow their social presence most organically On LinkedIn, X(Twitter), and product hunt with authentic, thoughtful, and relevant replies.
It can effortlessly position personalized comments that situate with platform norms for better espousal and fine-tune your responses until they are spot on.
it provides some characteristics for showing teasing, answering specific questions, showing agreement or dispute, asking questions, and recommending ideas.
It uses the GPT3.5 turbo Module to automate comments and reply to different functions. 

March 5, 2024

best customization option means we can customize the AI-generated responses according to our view and technique.