Devi AI | Best AI Social Media Managing AI Tool To Find High Internet Leads 2024


What is devi Ai?

Devi is an AI Social Media Manager who although perfect keywords on social media to find high-internet leads: Twitter, Facebook Groups, and Linked In.


Devi AI


Monitor keywords and generate product leads

This program remembers the Canva feature automatically creates optical complacent with your brand logo.

 With it monitor Twitter the keyword leading outreach contented, authorized scheduling, and creation you to generate and also generate a novel by Novelist AI.

By using this program in technology, it recognizes relevant keywords and delivers a guide with strong objects.

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 Features & Highlights

  • Automated monitoring: It helps to track Facebook groups, LinkedIn, Twitter
  • Time-reduction: Users save 160 hours.
  • Extension Browse: Works 24/7 to alert monitor 
  • Group Support private: Facebook groups in monitors private to entrance highly curated viewers.
  • Reach out: One-click designed a product to meet comments or reply intimately with ChatGPT
  • Construct: AI prompts 100+ top and built-in chatGPT to create appealing.
  • Scheme: Click 1 to plan AI response to all social media profiles and groups.
  • Content Analytics: Built Top groups, Top influencer accounts, and team reaching-out stats.
  • Build Command: Built the latest news for your business and industry to build command on social media.
  • Live Update: Users are required to update their extension, and all attributes will be obtained to increase their business and save 30% of the time.

Features of this tool

Helps to monitor keywords and generate product leads.

Create ai personalized messages and responses to the clients.

Create visual content that helps to boost your leads and efficiency.

Use Cases

  • Marketing sales and teams: Something to identify and grab with high-intent assist
  • Professionals Customer support: Plan to instruct and support their audience
  • Career: Looking to increase income with a reasonable price, a time-saving tool
  • Simpler using than you think: Choose any private or public Facebook groups that you want to record for keywords.
  • 1000+ companies trusted: Lifesaver for our team. software is user-friendly and has helped us grow our producing

What are deployment options?

  • Cloud, Saas, Web-based
  • On-Premise Windows
  • On-Premise Linux

Privacy & Security Information

It noted that de vi is created to compile different policies, services, and suggestions for social media platforms. This tool does not obtain any type of data processed through secure privacy and security information.


4 star rating
4 star rating
4 star rating
4 star rating
Makes digital marketing and competing with the e-commerce market so much easier. It helps to generate and monitor keywords and generate leads more easily, quickly, and reliably.


How much does it Cost?

Pricing Model
Freemium, Subscription, Quotation Based
Unlimited Keyword
24*7 automated tracking
40group public or private
Save 2hours a day
24*7 automated tracking
 25 group public or private
Save 2hours a day
24*7 automated tracking
50 groups, public or private
Save 4hours a day
All features from the other plan
Team sso
100% automated
Unlimited group

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