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WiziShop | Best Marketing And Online Selling AI Tool 2024


What is WiziShop?

Wizishop is a tool for people who want to sell things online. It’s in French, and it helps you make a website, manage it, and sell things better.

It has different plans rokefy, but all the features are available regardless of your choice. So, you can use all the tools for your online store.

it is a tool to make and run an online store that’s good for search engines (SEO). It gives you tools for the technical stuff, design templates, and useful training.

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With this, you can control your products, content, catalog, orders, customers, and shipping. It also offers website templates, mobile commerce, selling on social media and marketplaces, and email and SMS marketing. You can use different payment options like PayPal and various French banks.



Here’s a closer look at the tool’s features and how they can benefit you

Artificial intelligence

  • Wizi Shop’s AI-powered tools help you save time.
  • They also help you get more people to visit your website.
  • So you can manage your online store more easily and attract more customers.

Topic Culture Manager

  • Uncover fresh sources of inspiration to fuel your blog’s creativity.
  • Learn how to create topic clusters that engage your audience strategically.
  • Optimize your blog for better performance and increased visibility online.

Fast and Efficient

  • Streamlined Setup

offers a simplified process for setting up an e-commerce website.

  • Quick Start: 

Users can get their online store up and running with just a few clicks.

  • Video Training:

 It provides video tutorials to guide users through the setup process.

  • Easy Guidance:

 These tutorials help users understand how to create and manage their e-commerce site effectively.


  • They provide one-on-one help from Business Coaches.
  • These coaches are experts who can give you advice and support.
  • The best part is that this assistance is completely free of charge.

Pricing Plans


  • Monthly Cost: $27
  • With different features


  •  Monthly Cost: $77
  • With more advanced features.
wizishop pricing


  • Monthly Cost: $297
  • Higher monthly Cost.
  • Offers the most comprehensive set of features.
  • It might be suitable for larger businesses with specific needs.


  • Wizi Shop is an e-commerce platform that uses Artificial Intelligence.
  • It’s designed for both new and experienced online sellers.
  • They have lots of useful features, and it’s affordable.
  • You can try it for free for 15 days to see if it’s right for your online store, whether you’re starting a new one or improving an existing one.


Is Wizi Shop free?

They give a free trial but is primarily a paid service. They have special pricing plans with diverse functions, depending on your wishes and the dimensions of your team. Pricing fashions for such offerings can be exchanged over time.
Remember that while some features may be available during the trial period, access to advanced features and higher usage limits often require a paid subscription.

Who can use Wizi Shop?

a website tool for small businesses and people starting their businesses. It helps you create and run an online store to sell things. You can also connect your store to online marketplaces to reach more customers.

What Makes Wizi Shop’s AI Special?

It Uses AI to Make Great Content for Your Online Store Easily and Save Time and Money. You Can Use AI for Product Descriptions, Blog Posts, Ads, and More. It Can Also Translate Your Text, Find Popular Products, and Create Cool Website Names.

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