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Rokefy| Best Marketing AI Tool For Making More Money 2024


What is Roketfy AI?

Rokefy is an AI tool that uses AI technology to help people who sell things online, like on Etsy, make more money.

It does this by improving its product pages, giving it creative ideas, and helping it make good content using numbers and facts.

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Roketfy is a helpful friend for businesses, especially small ones, and people who want to sell things online.

It helps you connect your wineshop business, check if your prices are good, and give you smart advice to sell more on websites where you can sell stuff like rokefy.


It offers a variety of features for the user. Here are some of the key features of this tool:


Features of this tool

help people who sell things online, like on Etsy, make more money.

It helps customers know exactly what they’re getting and reduces questions.

client reviews and their business description needs to be completed.

Listing Optimization Tool

  • You used Roketfy to check one of your products already doing well on a website (like Etsy).
  • Roketfy looked at it and gave it a score of 48, which was unexpected.
  • It was surprising because:
  • If you want to improve your product’s listing, you can click a button called ‘Take Action,’ and Roketfy will show you how to improve it.

Description Optimization

  • Make your product description longer, but not just for the sake of it. Include useful information like FAQs and care instructions.
  • Use keywords in your description because Etsy uses them to help people find your product.
  • Mention the materials your product is made of. It helps customers know exactly what they’re getting and reduces questions.

Image Optimization

  • Use images with a resolution greater than 2000 pixels, but be aware that this advice needs to be clarified. Etsy suggests the smallest side of the image should be 2000 pixels or more.
  • Adding “alt text” to your images is a good idea. It is something new that Etsy recommends, and it helps provide information about your images, which can be helpful for customers.

Video Recommendations

  • Add a video for better product appeal.
  • Use a 9/16 ratio (taller than wide) for the video.
  • Ensure the video is of at least 1080p quality or higher.


The tool marked “materials” with a red cross but didn’t recommend what to do next.

It might suggest adding more materials, but it’s still being determined.

Does Rocketfy work?

Roketfy needs more information about their work, has few or no client reviews, and their business description needs to be completed.

While they might do well, you need clearer information to consider looking elsewhere.

roket 2

Pricing Plans

Keyword Research Plan

  • Monthly Cost: $5
  • Limited functionality on the free trial.
  • Useful if you’re mainly interested in keyword research.

Premium Plan

  •  Monthly Cost: $24
  • It can be more expensive when paid monthly.
  • Significant savings when paid annually ($8 per month).
  • Offers a broader range of features compared to the free trial.
  • I recommend if you want more features and are willing to commit to an annual payment.

Professional Plan

  • Monthly Cost: $48
  • Higher monthly Cost.
  • Offers the most comprehensive set of features.
  • It might be suitable for larger businesses with specific needs.
roketfy price


What are the benefits of using Rokefy?

Here are some of the major benefits of using this tool:
Roketfy helps you find things to sell on Etsy that can make you money.
It tells you what people like to buy and who those people are.
It improves your Etsy listings so more people can see them and buy from you.
Roketfy has clever tools to find things that many people want, but only a few are selling.
This means you can spend less time looking for the best things to sell.

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