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Smartscout | Best AI Marketing And Business Tool 2024


What is a smartscout?

Smartscout is a marketing tool that enhances your Amazon business and helps you to take it to the highest peak.




Boost and improve your efficiency digital store

It has the power to find companies and potential suppliers and many other features that other tools can have.

It gathers billions of data points and makes a page wizi shop that tells you about each product, a brand sale, with the competitor’s profits.

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These data points help you to find your next product plans.


There are a lot of features that Smartsout offers.


Features of this tool

Helps to find and hunt the best products along with brand research and competitor research.

Helps to make decisions that can boost the progress of your online store, increase revenue and improve ad efficiency.

Provides a variety of subscription plans along with free trials for every package to explore their features.

Such as:


The approval of brands is developing. it helps you to detect the trend.


There are more than 40,000 categories on Amazon. It finds you a subcategory tool that we want in a while.

Traffic graph

The traffic graph helps you by showing the trendy products, brands, and many more.

Seller Database

It gives you seller data, which can easily make your products.

Product Database

It gives you product data that you detect through the database.

AI Listing Architect

The main problem is that it writes an Amazon listing with keywords and the proper message that is the main problem.

Why do you use Smart Scout?

This smart scout Amazon provides you with tools that you have never seen before.

 The FBA calculator helps you by telling you what you have to change in your product.

The traffic graph shows the number of people who saw your products and helps you improve the product advertisement.

The smart scout traffic map provides information about the products that Amazon suggests.

With the help of the subcategories tool, you can get all the subcategories in that category on Amazon. 


Who uses Smart scout?

Smarts cout Amazon users, amazon wholesalers, amazon services, and many more use Smarts cout.

What does Smart Scout offer?

Smarts cout offers a variety of characters:


The main thing for selling products on Amazon is brands. You can easily find the brand with potential or otherwise waste time using Smart Scout.

Subcategory information

With the help of a smart scout, you can easily find products, brands, and companies. It is the only tool by which we can explore the Amazon subcategories.

Pricing plans


Pricing plans of Smart Scout are discussed below:


  • Monthly cost: $29
  • 2 users
  • Brand research
  • Product research
  • Sales Estimator.

Free trial for 7 days


  • Monthly cost: $97
  • Unlock all brand features
  • Brand research
  • Category Research
  • Keyword Rank tracker

Free trial for 7 days


  • Monthly cost: $187
  • Customer buying patterns
  • Shared keywords by brand and product
  • Unlimited custom maker
  • Custom reporting with Excel export.

Free trial for 7 days


4 star rating
4 star rating
4 star rating
4 star rating
Just a game-changer tool. A perfect tool for the e-commerce world and Amazon freelancers. It makes it simple and easy to find out the best brands and get product information on a variety of digital products.


How does Smart Scout work?

It is a helpful dashboard for people who want to do well on Amazon. You can look at a list of sellers and products to find ones that could make you money. Amazon can even write Amazon product listings for you. You can also check which products are popular right now with the Traffic Graph feature. Click on a tool, choose how you like it, and you’re ready.

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March 5, 2024

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