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SalesHandy | Best AI Tool for Email Productivity 2024


What is Saleshandy?

With the use of the application SalesHandy, people, as well as businesses, can send cold emails more effectively.

It can send a lot of emails and receive favorable feedback. Additionally, it can collaborate with other email providers and automatically SaneBox’s email Deep Clean send follow-up emails.

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You may use it to test multiple versions of your emails, look up prospects on LinkedIn, and personalize your communications.

It wants to improve the effectiveness of cold emails and increase the number of yes responses. It has a 14-day free trial period.


To reach more individuals, send an ongoing series of automated emails.

Send messages following up responses.

Ensure that your emails have a higher chance of reaching their intended target.

Keep your messages in one location for simple management with a unified inbox.


Features of this tool

businesses can send cold emails more effectively.

generating more responses, prepare personalized reminders in advance.

it is so easy to use with few steps.

Increase your email outreach initiatives through the agency portal.

Use the email deliverability toolkit to ensure your emails reach their intended recipients.

Monitor who reads and responds to your emails by email tracker.

Find email addresses on LinkedIn with this tool.

All-in-one resource for generating cold email leads

Automatic Reminders

To improve your chances of completing deals and generating more responses, prepare personalized reminders in advance.

Ensure the Contact Sheet Clean

To ensure your contact list is clean, use it to upload and double-check your list of potential customers quickly. It will ensure that it is prepared for effective outreach.

Test Various Messages: To determine which of your messages resonates most strongly with your particular target, test up to 26 different variations, including subject lines, email text, and call-to-action buttons.

Making things very personalized

Write non-spammy cold emails: The assistant examines your emails to assess if they appear spam and how personal they are. It teaches you how to compose cold emails properly.


Make your emails memorable for many recipients

Using unique tags that discuss the problems of up to 50 prospects, Sales Handy lets you personalize your emails. It enables you to receive more responses.

Send each recipient a unique message: Alter your emails so they are not identical. It helps you escape spam filters and makes your emails unique for each recipient on your list.

Meet Deliverability

By employing specific settings, you may also increase the trusted status of your email accounts, improving your website’s overall appearance.

Using advanced email settings will enable you to send more emails each day. It will also assist in enhancing the reputation of your website over time.

Free of charge, get as many email addresses as you require.

These accounts allow you to send emails from many addresses, improving email delivery and increasing your audience.

Single Inbox

Use Sales handy to manage your email accounts and save time to expand your outreach.

You may instantly classify your contacts as Interested, Not Interested, or Automatic Replies with Sales Handy’s Unified Inbox.

Save yourself the hassle of entering different email accounts by managing your contacts and responding to emails from one inbox.


Sales Handy has a variety of pricing plans. If you pay for an entire year at once, the basic one is $9 per user monthly.

A package with advanced features is available for $29 per user per month. What you require from the program will determine the cost.

saleshandy pricing


SalesHandy provides a complete solution for enhancing the efficiency of cold emails and raising the number of favorable answers.

Its features include prospecting on LinkedIn, automated email sequences, follow-up messaging, email deliverability tools, and more.

To avoid spam emails, the platform promotes personalization and offers solutions to improve email deliverability.

It streamlines email handling with a compiled inbox, and its price options consider diverse user requirements.

With SalesHandy’s 14-day free Trial, consumers may examine its features and determine whether they need it for their email marketing objectives

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