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Use AI Text-to-Speech Technology to Turn Your Content Into Engaging Spoken Audio

play-ht gives you the ability to convert a variety of written materials such as blog posts, articles, courses, and more into captivating spoken word audio. Our platform makes use of state-of-the-art Text-to-speech technology and includes RSS podcast feeds and SEO-friendly embedded audio players to make it easier to create, integrate, and share audio versions of your content.

There are many benefits to giving your audience the choice to listen to your content. It makes your content more accessible to people who are always on the go, helps people who are blind or visually impaired access it, and when people listen to your content, they stay on your page 

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longer and engage with it more, which boosts your website’s SEO metrics.

You can also create RSS feeds from Play. ht for your audio articles, which you can then submit to iTunes, Spotify, and Google Podcasts. It converts your content to podcasts for these popular platforms, increasing the reach of your content.

You can choose from a play .ht wide variety of the best and most realistic-sounding AI voices to narrate your content thanks to Google Wavenet, Amazon Polly, Microsoft Azure, IBM Watson, and over 260 other high-quality, lifelike AI Text to Speech voices that are available in over 55 languages.

Select from three different varieties of fully customizable, white-labelled embedded audio players to provide your play. Ht audience with an outstanding listening experience. In addition, our platform provides comprehensive audio analytics so you can learn more about how your users are listening.

When readers interact with your articles via audio, play/ht they can customize the speed at which it plays, download the file, share it on social media, or even subscribe by providing their email addresses. All of these features improve the reader’s experience with your content.

The following are some of the features of play-ht that this plugin offers

  • Increases user engagement and content accessibility by employing more than 260 superior Text-to-Speech AI voices.
  • Creates captivating spoken audio narratives from a variety of content types, including lessons, courses, blog posts, and articles, so that users can choose to listen.
  • Increases the amount of time visitors spend on your website, which lowers bounce rates and improves Time on Page metrics.
  • Makes it easy to share your articles as audio content on well-known social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Gives you the ability to publish your blog entries and articles as podcasts on Google Podcasts, iTunes, and Spotify.
  • Gives you a thorough understanding of the performance of your audio content with its comprehensive audio analytics.
  • Includes a state-of-the-art Text-to-voice editor to help you customize how your articles sound on audio.

With the editing dashboard provided by this tool, users can precisely adjust the audio files created by text-to-voice.


Features of this tool

converts your content to podcasts for these popular platforms

intuitive dashboard before exporting the entire script.

It’s a useful tool for user experiences.

It gives users total control over the output by giving them the freedom to divide the script into separate paragraphs, sentences, or words. If the Voice AI is not perfect, users can use this feature to improve specific parts of the audio file and change the speed at which sentences are narrated.

Unlike most Voice AI software, which generates a single audio file for the entire script and requires editing to be done with external third-party tools, Play.HT streamlines the customization process by enabling all edits to be made within its intuitive dashboard before exporting the entire script.


  • AI voices with a play.ht ai realistic voice a simple, intuitive UI with an editing dashboard that’s easy to use A 30-second audio file playing text to speech must be uploaded to begin the voice cloning process.
  • Over 800 AI voices are available, and more than 130 languages are supported.
  • An inexpensive monthly subscription that provides outstanding value

Negative aspects

Certain languages play free and might not have distinct regional dialects or show as accurate speakers.

play. ht pricing

A 5,000-word script limit, one cloned voice, and access to about 100 stock AI voices are all included in Play.HT’s free tier. Users can upgrade to a premium package for just $5.40 a month, which unlocks five instant clone voices, play ht pricing supports up to 120,000 words annually, and gives play-ht users access to over 800 stock AI voices in a variety of languages and moods.

These tool-cloned voices produce an incredibly lifelike audio experience, and the platform is incredibly user-friendly. is play.ht free Thanks to the play.ht studio dashboard’s extensive editing capabilities, users can easily create text-to-voice generated audio play.ht studio clips that sound real.


A robust platform play..ht for turning textual content into captivating spoken audio is provided by Play-ht. Users can improve user engagement and content accessibility with its extensive analytics, customizable embedded audio players, and selection of AI voices. 

The plat. ht potential to produce podcasts for well-known Play-ht services like iTunes and Spotify increases the audience for your work. Play-HT is an effective and user-friendly tool because of its simple editing dashboard, which gives you exact control over audio customization. 

The platform’s play.ht ai lifelike AI voices and reasonable pricing options make it a valuable asset for content creators looking to enhance their audience’s experience, Play. ht ai even though some regional dialects might not be perfectly replicated.

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