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Novelist AI | Best Stories And Novel Generator AI Tool 2024

novelist ai

What is a novelist ai?

Novelist AI is a tool that is used to create or generate stories, novels, and books with the help of AI.

You can also select the style in which you want to read or write the story, novel, or book and use predicts AI to edit the social media profiles

novelist ai

Features of this tool

it writes all kinds of essays, such as narrative, and argumentative.

provides accurate and well-structured content.

it is so easy to use with few steps.

It uses its services and model to create content and then create content as you want.

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Features of novelist AI

There are the following features of this tool.

Image generations

It generates characters with images in your stories, novels, and books that make it more attractive and understandable.

novelist ai


The powerful novelist tool generates the content, and you can also edit it by using its amazing features. You can change or edit its font, size, style, and color..your story or writing is encrypted.

AI towards a new path

You can replicate the writers, draw the theme, and also you can train anyone by using your data; all this happens just because of AI modules.

Story potential

The powerful AI tool remembers your data and can store it, and it has the ability of 8192 tokens.

Set output as you want 

You can set up to Tweak the output as you want because it provides you complete control by using an AI facility.

generates quality content

TOOL NAME ai Novelist
LAST UPDATE09/1/2024

Share your work

You can also share your writing, stories, novels, and books with others to get likes and stay active in the world.


It is very secure to use; your writing or content is completely secure. No one other than you read your stories or writing 

Cost of content 

To start a new book, you require credit. For one book, you require one credit.

Cover image and new chapters both are also required one credit.

How to find a book on novelists?

You can find the book by simply generating an account and then clicking on the option ‘ read books.’You can find books of your style, genre, and language.


How to write a book?

To start a new book, go to the website and click on the option ‘ write a new book ‘ and write the book by following the steps and options according to language, genres, character, theme, and scope.

Tips to use Novelist to write a story 

There are the following tips you should keep in mind to create a story or to write a novel.

  • Always try to use concise, accurate, to-the-point, and clear words and define complete information.
  • It’s not necessary to use simple words. By using AI tools, you will find golden words that are colorful and attractive, so AI tools will help you to make an attractive story with higher-quality content. The tool will reflect the words you put on, so try to use descriptive words.
  • To work with a tool, use descriptive and qualitative information because the Al tool does not provide detailed information. e.g., use the word ‘ senior lady ‘ instead of using the 70-year-old woman.
  • There is no need to use generic pronouns; try to use specific names again and again.
  • Use positive words instead of negative words.
  • To differentiate the background word from the AI tool, use square brackets for specific paragraphs or sentences.


It is a powerful tool that has a lot of features that help you to write stories, novels, and books.

But the masterpiece is that which humans write with experience and social learning

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