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Predis AI| Best AI Tool To Publish Content Generator With 5 Features

perdis ai

What is the Predis.ai tool?

Predis AI is a combination of ChatGPT, Canva & Hootsuite.

This is an AI-powered ready-to-publish content generator.

Predis AI is a social media tool designed to create and edit content for social media profiles.

perdis ai

Features of this tool

create ads simply by adding text as a description.

generate AI posts background images

combinations of ChatGPT, Canva & Hootsuite.

Social Snips helps to effortlessly create catchy content for your social media posts. 

Predis.AI also helps to manage, plan, and schedule the post’s timings.

It is also used to generate AI posts background images. 

Does predis ai Offer any Free Plan?

Yes, this app tool offers a free subscription plan which offers a wide range of features. Inbox narrator This plan allows 1 brand creation and 15 post-generation.

Moreover, this tool allows you to publish your content to 5 channels.

Does Predis.AI Offer any Free Feature?

  • Free Hashtag Generator. 
  • Free Video/Blog Thumbnail Creator. 
  • Free Picture Background Remover.
  • Free AI Meme Generator.
  • Free Search Best Stock Images. 

The reward of Creating the Account

You will get 30 posts after you log in for the account login bonus.

Predis AI

Features of Predis.AI Tool

Easy-To-Use Interphase

This Predis app tool is an advanced tool that comes with a very easy-to-use and user-friendly interface.

It allows you to use different features by just selecting the given options and helps to become a highly ranked social media profile.

Text-to-Video Generator

This tool helps to create ads simply by adding text as a description.

Predis helps to create TikTok shorts, Instagram short stories, and reels & video ads.

perdis ai
Perdis ai

create ads simply adding text

TOOL NAMEPerdis ai
LAST UPDATE09/01/2024

Smart Copy Generator 

Predis allows the content creator to create a copy of the ads, shorts, and short videos in a quick and very efficient way. 

Text-To-Creatives Generator

Predis is an AI tool that helps to create social media posts, marketing and product ads, meme posts, special day posts, and posts extracted from blogs and quotes.

Publish & Schedule 

This predis app AI tool allows you to manage and schedule the timing of the posts for different social media profiles.

Predis also allows you to publish AI-generated content on different social media platforms from the same platform in a quite easy format.

Competitor Analysis 

This tool allows you to analyze your competitors, view their insights, and improve your profile with the reference of the post statistics of your social society competitors.

The reward of Creating the Account 

Predis AI

You will get 30 posts after you log in for the account login bonus.

How Much Does Predis.AI Cost?

Free Package 

  • $0 per Month.
  • 1 Brand.
  • 15 Posts Generation.
  • Publish to 5 channels.

Solo Package 

  • $29 per Month.
  • 1 Brand.
  • 120 Posts Generation. 
  • Publish to 5 channels.

Starter Package 

  • $59 per Month. 
  • 2 Brand.
  • Unlimited Posts Generation.
  • Publish to 10 channels.

Agency Package 

  • $139 per Month.
  • Many Brands can be customized.
  • Unlimited AI-Generated Posts.
  • Publish to 50 channels.


How To Create a Predis.AI Account?

Click the Log-In button from the above toolbars.
Select the Create An Account below the login button.
Then, the Create Your Free Account slide will appear.
Enter the Email and Password on the next slide.
Click the Sign-Up button below.
You will receive the Confirmation Email. Click on the Confirm Email Address.
The next slide will appear with different feature options.
You’re done!

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March 2, 2024

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