Easy peasy AI

What is Easy Peasy AI?

Easy Peasy AI is an artificial intelligence-powered tool that helps users generate content and image editor.

It contains AI buddy, AI images, and transcription that help to produce the content quickly and with the user’s ease.

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It provides you with more than 100 templates that can be usable for many tasks not fixed for one task. It contains AI power for images and audio that create unique art.
It helps you to create content faster as compared to other AI tools.

Functioning of Easy Peasy AI

By using the power of Artificial intelligence, easy peasy .ai provides you with the best platform for writing content if you want to create a blog post it is going best for it.

It helps you create posts for your blog and also other social media content.

It is also helpful for creating a resume, a 12 page, and provides you with more than 90 templates that help you a lot.

Easy peasy AI

Features of Easy Peasy AI tool

Create multiple images

Share across all marketing

For small business owners

Sometimes when I want to compose an email and don’t know how to compose it then I use this tool, which helps me in composing the email.

What are the features of Easy Peasy AI ?

There are the following features of this amazing Easy-peasy AI tool.

Content Creator

Easy-peasy AI tool contains the power of artificial intelligence that helps users easily and quickly create all kinds of content.

It helps you to create your resume for the job, help you to describe the Job description, and many other social media posts and captions.

Ai images

This amazing AI tool helps you to create high-quality images that give you your best visual image and show your beautiful identification. It gives you your Amazing AI image within a short time.

AI buddy

EASY-PEASY.AI contains a friendly buddy of artificial intelligence that helps you to create amazing results by using its natural language processing.

Ai transcription

It helps you in the audio transcription process, helping you to generate titles, descriptions, and podcasts.

easy peasy ai



Easy-Peasy.AI Pte. Ltd

create multiple images from a single background

Depth content creator

It is the best AI tool that helps you to create depth content. That is large and complex content. but the AI tools, are not complex and long create your content with ease and fast.

Customizable creation

This tool allows you to create customizable content according to your demands. It helps you quickly create blogs and personalized data.


4 star rating
4 star rating
4 star rating
4 star rating
It also helps you to make reports of your organization and this AI tool is also helpful for generating powerful and attractive presentations.


It is also helpful in this way for users. It provides the comfortability of multiple languages for users it gives you the option of more than 30 languages now you can search data in more than 30 languages so it proves helpful globally.


Easy Peasy-AI tool contains a lot of templates that help users to do work easily with these given templates.

Chat option

Easy Peasy-AI tool also introduced the chat option same as the chatbot so users can put commands in the text box like chatbot and get information.

Easy peasy AI

Application of Easy-peasy AI tool 

There are the following basic uses of the Easy Peasy-AI tool.

Content generation

It is used for creating or generating the content for all kinds of tasks.

It creates content 10 times faster that is original, plagiarism-free, and high in quality.

It gives you more than 90 templates for making a resume.

It helps you to describe the job description to you and also gives you social media content easily.

Professional creation

If you are a business owner or a business person and you communicate with anyone through email then this will help you in creating and composing email in so very easy and simple way.

Art creation

Easy AI tools help you to create or generate artwork such as images.

It helps you to create unique and amazing images quickly and with simple steps.

Natural language interaction

Peasy AI helps you with its powerful feature of natural language processing which offers a friendly interface that helps you create content with ease.


Easy AI tool also contains amazing features related to audio transcription.

It uses its AI power and processes audio transcription with so much ease and comfort.

It helps you to set the titles of different dramas and episodes and helps you to improve the podcasts efficiently.

Long-form content

Easy Peasy ai also used for creating complex and long content without wasting your time and energy in searching.

Cost plan

It allows you to use it freely with different features. If you use it free for a month then it’ll allow you to search the content of 3000.

With the availability of more than 80 templates.

But if you want to avail more features such as more templates and words then you can also subscribe to its basic plan that contains 4.99$ monthly.

You can also subscribe 9.99$ monthly to avail more and more features.

Final thoughts

Easy Peasy-AI is a powerful tool that is very affordable for everyone to avail of its amazing features.

It helps you to generate content that is best in wording, high in quality, and the same as human creation.

It contains user user-friendly interface that helps you a lot while working on it. It means anyone can easily use it, it’s not a big science.

It contains an AI image, buddy, and audio transcription process AI. Try it once to avail its amazing features.

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