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10 FREE Cleanup AI Tools to Remove Objects and Cleanup Pictures

Have you ever had undesirable things ruin a perfectly good picture? You’re not by yourself! Many people look for an easy fix. Fortunately, you don’t need complicated software or pictures. cleanup hours of editing to quickly clean up pictures. The app easily removes objects, people, or text from photographs using free online AI-powered tools.

This post will give you an overview of ten free AI cleanups. Picture programs that can quickly and easily eliminate objects and clean up images. 

We will also discuss how to use it effectively and go over its picture cleanup advantages and disadvantages. Whether you want to edit cleanup pictures online on your smartphone, PC, or web, there is a tool for you.

cleanup pictures

Cleanup Pictures


Retouch and Upscale images with high-quality results,

Features of AI Image Tools

Artificial intelligence algorithms are used by cleanup AI solutions to object remove AI, assist you in removing cleanup, creating undesirable elements, and enhancing the quality of your photos.

You can use them to remove text, watermarks, logos, photo cleaners online, images of people or animals, and more. They can also assist you with teeth whitening, skin smoothing, and photo editing using stickers and filters.

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Best FREE Cleanup AI Tools to Remove Objects

You may want to remove something that separates from the image’s composition or make the backdrop cleaner. 

For whatever reason, you can accomplish this without being an expert in face cleanup images in Photoshop. Using artificial intelligence to clear up pictures, an extensive number of clean photo editor-free internet programs remove people from photos. AI is available to assist AI in removing objects from photos quickly, and AI image cleaner easily removes things from your images.


Your All-in-One Photo Solution:

Fotor is a powerful online tool catering to users seeking a comprehensive photo-editing experience. Beyond removing unwanted elements and cleaning up pictures on Google, it offers smart filters and effects, removing text from image AI, and the ability to enhance photos by adjusting color, contrast, brightness, and more. It supports RAW file conversion, making it versatile for photographers.


  • Smart filters and effects for creative enhancement.
  • Easy-to-use photo collage tool.
  • Supports RAW file conversion.
  • Suitable for beginners and casual users.


  • Not as feature-packed as professional software.
  • Complaints about dishonest practices and poor customer service.

Cleanup – Pictures:

Simple and Effective Removal:

Cleanup. Pictures are designed for straightforward object removal, allowing users to erase logos, AI photo cleaner, AI photo remove objects, AI objects removal, clean up picture app, watermarks, text, and more. Its simplicity lies in automatic background removal using AI, providing a hassle-free experience.


  • Free to use with a resolution limit; Pro version available.
  • Works on any web browser and operating system.
  • Automatic background removal with AI.


  • Inability to zoom in or out of the image.
  • May encounter errors with complex backgrounds.


Background Removal Made Easy:

Pixelcut excels in background removal while preserving clean-up pics quality. It offers a user-friendly experience with features like cleanup.com picture templates, background object remover AI, asset integration, and intelligent gap filling.


  • Easy to use and fast.
  • Preserve image quality with AI.
  • Intelligent gap-filling and upscaling.


  • Requires a subscription fee for full features.
  • Limited customization options for advanced users.


Creative Collages and Realistic Results:

Clipdrop introduces a creative twist to object removal, enabling users to paste removed elements. AI tool to remove objects from photos onto other photos for collages, AI object removal, cleanup images, memes, and more. It offers realistic results and works seamlessly across various tools and devices.


  • Saves time and effort with creative results.
  • Realistic outcomes for pasted elements.
  • Works across popular tools and devices.


  • It may not work well on certain images.
cleanup pictures

Features of this tool

Helps to remove unwanted objects, elements, people and text from the background of the image.

Upscale images by retouching the images with high-quality pixels and effects.

Provides a free tier that allows to customize the unlimited images and resolution up to 720p.


Powerhouse Editing with Face AI:

Picsart stands as a powerful online tool, extending beyond object removal to comprehensive photo editing. It includes features for cleanup. Pictures free, adjusting color, and clean up. Pictures, contrast, brightness, and image cleaner online, and even offers a Face AI Photo Editor for substituting faces in photos.


  • Easy to use and fast.
  • Enhances visual appeal with various tools.
  • Suitable for personal and business needs.


  • May struggle with complex images.
  • Requires an internet connection for full features.


Simple Background Removal Tool:

Phot.ai focuses on easy object remover AI, allowing users to isolate foreground objects. It provides flexibility with customization and clean image AI options like cropping and cleanup. Image, online image cleaner, image object remover ai, resizing, image cleaner online free, rotating, and flipping photos.


  • Free and easy to use.
  • Fast and accurate background removal.
  • Flexible and customizable.


  • Not very versatile or advanced.
  • It is not very compatible with some image formats.


Mobile App for Effortless Object Removal:

Snapedit is a handy mobile app offering easy removal of unwanted objects and pictures. Clean, image cleaner AI, remove unwanted things from images in seconds, clean up photos, making it suitable for on-the-go edits. It supports multiple languages and formats, ensuring user privacy.


  • Free and user-friendly mobile app.
  • Supports multiple languages and formats.
  • Ensures user privacy during edits.


  • May struggle with complex or crowded photos.
  • Compatibility issues with older browsers/devices.


Power-Packed Editing Online:

PhotoEditor is a comprehensive online tool for removing unwanted elements remove pictures from photos. It handles complex backgrounds effectively, uses picture cleanup, and cleanup pictures saves edited images in high-quality formats like cleanup pictures com, JPG, PNG, or PDF.


  • Free and no registration required.
  • Handles complex backgrounds well.
  • Works on any image.


  • May not be able to remove some objects.
  • It may not preserve details in some cases.


AI Cleanup with Textual Enhancement:

Metatext goes beyond image cleanup cleanup. Picture by generating engaging textual content using AI. It not only removes unwanted objects but also cleans up. Pictures also upscale images and clean pictures online suggest common data transformations streamlining content production.


  • Generates captivating textual content following SEO standards.
  • Removes unwanted elements and reconstructs the background.
  • Leverages machine learning for data transformations.


  • It may lack nuance and emotion in content.
  • It may pose a security risk with sensitive information.

Erase It!:

Creative Object Removal for Collages:

Erase It! offers a creative approach AI tool to clear images to object removal and cleanup. Picture, enabling users to paste removed photo cleaner AI objects onto other photos. It’s suitable for creating collages, clean-up pictures., memes, and stickers, providing a simple and intuitive interface.


  • Free to use with a creative focus.
  • Simple and intuitive interface.
  • Uses Cloudinary’s powerful AI.


  • Not intended for commercial use.
  • It may not work well on complex images.

Key Considerations

  • Object Type and Complexity:

Consider the size and complexity of a background object remover you need to remove.

  • Output Quality:

Evaluate the quality and resolution of the object remover from photo AI output images.

  • Ease of Use:

Check for user-friendly interfaces and unwanted object remover AI accessibility.

  • Customization Options:

Consider tools that offer customization for advanced users.

  • Device/Platform Compatibility:

Ensure the tool works on your preferred devices and platforms.

  • Features and Cost:

Evaluate features against cost and choose based on your requirements.

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These 10 free cleanup AI tools cater to various needs, cleanup pictures.com from cleanup pictures free simple object removal to creative collages.

Users can make well-informed decisions according to their particular editing needs by being aware of how to remove people from pictures of their photo cleaner free distinct features, www cleanup. Pictures benefits, clean up. Pictures app download and drawbacks. 

Regardless of your level of experience, these tools provide easy-to-use ways to www clean up pictures and improve your images without requiring sophisticated editing knowledge cleanup picture pricey software.

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