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EmailWriter is a smart computer program that helps you produce effective emails if you are unfamiliar with email composition.

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To use it, select the kind of business you’re in and pick from a library of pre-written emails frequently utilized in that industry.

Whatever kind of business you’re in, EmailWriter makes it simple to send emails to sell your products or promote those of others. as effortless Email.

Here’s how it operates, and it’s quite easy.

Choose your industry and the type of Emailwriter you would like to send by logging into Email Writer.

Give some details about the products you are selling and the target audience.

The program will generate a sequence of emails for you to send over 5 to 9 days when you click Create Email Sequence.

Your list should receive those emails. Then, sit back and watch your sales, click-through rate, and customer base grow.


Saving time

Becoming proficient at writing emails that produce results can take a lot of effort and practice. However, with EmailWriter, all this tedious work can be avoided.

Save cash

Due to this fantastic program, you won’t ever need to pay for overpriced email templates or hire expensive writers again.

Expand Your Company

Stop sending pointless and boring emails. You may use EmailWriter to write better emails that engage your readers, increase sales, and expand your business.

Overcome writer’s block.

Do you ever find it difficult to come up with ideas for emails? Even if you have no prior experience, EmailWriter can help you create effective emails rapidly. Delete the entire day’s worth of blank screen time to spare. 

Any Email can be created speedily in any niche

Shopping emails online

  1. Welcome emails for first-time customers. 

Emails to welcome new clients

  1. After Purchasing Emails

Features of this tool

Becoming proficient at writing emails

Generate a sequence of emails

Produce effective emails

Emails you receive following a transaction

  1. Emails about Black Friday deals

Emails with exclusive Black Friday deals

  1. Email reminders for products in your shopping cart are sent to you in Left-Behind Cart emails.
  2. Celebration and Holiday Emails

Emails sent on holidays and important events

  1. Discounts for Cyber Monday emails

Emails offering savings on Cyber Monday

  1. Emails with New Product Alerts

Emails informing you of new products

  1. Upgrades and Recommendations Emails promoting more products were sent.
  2. Top Picks Emails, Weekly and Monthly Emails highlight the top goods weekly or monthly.
  3. Emails to reconnect with inactive consumers to win back lost customers.

Email Writer


Writer Pte Ltd

Identifying Potential Clients Sending Unknown Email Addresses

 SAAS emails

  1. Emails used for a software service like Netflix or Gmail are known as SAAS emails.
  2. Emails are sent to generate interest before the debut of a new good or service.
  3. Emails delivered when a brand-new good or service becomes formally accessible to the general public are launched emails.
  4. Emails are sent to those who haven’t been active or interested in a while to reawaken their interest.
  5. Emails inviting users to try a product or service for a limited time are free trial invitation emails.
  6. Users of a free version of a product or service receive emails in a specific sequence.
  7. After a free trial, emails are sent to consumers to persuade them to subscribe or keep using the product.
  8. Emails promote an affiliate program where users can profit by recommending friends and family to a good or service.
  9. LTD & Time Limited Offers Sequence, emails announcing unique, momentary discounts or offers.
  10. Emails that inform users of new features or improvements make up the new feature release email sequence.
  11. Steps to Regain Free Users: emails sent to former users of the free version who have ceased using it.

Real Estate Emails

  1. Emails regarding buying or selling homes and other real estate.
  2. Sending emails to potential home sellers who might want to list their properties but haven’t expressed interest recently to get their interest once more.
  3. Emailing people trying to buy a house is known as the “Buyer Leads Email Sequence.”
  4. Sending emails to customers who are already your clients seeking to purchase a home.
  5. I am emailing folks who expressed interest in purchasing a home but haven’t heard from you in a while to get their interest again.
  6. Sending a series of emails to people who are thinking about selling their houses is known as the Seller Leads Email Sequence.
  7. Sending emails to folks who are already your clients and want to sell their houses. Seller Clients Email Sequence.

Business-to-business email templates

  1. Identifying Potential Clients Sending Unknown Email Addresses
  2. Sending Reminder Emails
  3. Answering Interested Customer’s Messages
  4. Requesting others recommendations
  5. Numerous more email types are similar to this, such as those asking for customers’ positive or beneficial input.

Online Presentation Emails

  1. Invite: Come to Our Webinar, or Don’t Forget the Webinar Reminder 
  2. Catch the Replay Email for a Second Webinar 
  3. Emails Regarding a New Date for the Webinar 
  4. Training or Live Broadcast on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram 
  5. Email with a Link to View the Webinar Again
  6. Email with a Link to Rewatch the Webinar Invitations for Partners to Promote Our Webinar 
  7. Webinar Hosted by an Expert

Produce effective emails

TOOL NAMEEmail Writer

Different Email Types Have Different Uses

  1. Greeting Email: a welcome letter for new subscribers.
  2. Emails advertising other people’s goods or services in return for a commission are known as affiliate promotion emails.
  3. Emails promoting your goods or services are part of the product/service promo sequence.
  4. Soap Opera Sequence: A collection of emails together makes a gripping tale to draw readers in.
  5. Daily Seinfeld Sequence: Emails that convey humorous and intriguing material similar to the television program “Seinfeld.”
  6. Emails that convey stories to readers to entertain and engage them.
  7. Re-engagement emails are sent to inactive subscribers to rekindle their interest.
  8. An educational email sequence is a series of emails instructing or providing useful information.
  9. Not for Download: EmailWriter can be used without downloading any specialized software. Just go online and get into your EmailWriter account.

All types of Emails

Any required email type can be created, regardless of your plan.

Ready-Made Emails

A variety of effective, ready-made email templates are available. They can be modified to suit your company.

Single Emails

In addition to creating sequences, you can create single emails.

Free updates

EmailWritr automatically updates, and you get new features whenever they are added without having to do anything.

More Emails and Templates

EmailWritr continuously adds email kinds and templates for pro users.

Different industries

You may build emails for various businesses, including coaching, freelancing, real estate, eCommerce, and more.

Email Export

Emails can be saved in various formats, including PDF, DOC, and TXT.

1600+ Templates

You may quickly customize over 1600 templates.

Edit Saved Projects

From your dashboard, you may see, edit, and modify the email sequences you’ve created.

Store Emails

EmailWritr can preserve all your single and sequence-based emails for later use.

Make Your Email Templates

You can create email templates for various markets and sectors.

Custom Emails

Our professionals can even write emails for you upon request; however, this service may incur additional fees.

Simple Dashboard

From a single, user-friendly dashboard, you can access all your projects, templates, and statistics.


Why use this?

Simple to Use:
EmailWritr is simple to use, even if you’re not a professional writer. It will create emails for you if you only tell it what you want to promote.
Custom Email Sequences:
By addressing a few straightforward questions about your product, service, and audience, you can create your email sequence.
Countless sequence:
There is no restriction on the number of email sequences you can construct. You can create whatever few or many you like.


A flexible and user-friendly application for creating emails, EmailWritr optimizes the procedure for both individuals and companies. It improves email marketing initiatives for various businesses with many pre-written templates and configurable features.

This application helps writers overcome writer’s block difficulties while saving time and money.

Its many advantages, such as the capacity to design unique email sequences, access pre-made templates, and get ongoing upgrades, make it an invaluable tool for anyone designing efficient and interesting emails.

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