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ZeroGPT | Best AI-Generated Content Detector Tool 2024


What is a Zerogpt?

It is an AI-powered content detector tool that is used to detect whether the content is AI-generated or human-written.

This tool is a highly advanced AI tool and also helps to check the plagiarism text of the content.

It can detect the content of different AI text generators like ChatGPT, GPT3, GPT4, and Bard content as well.


Features of this tool

detect the content of different AI text generators

This AI detection tool is made for use worldwide.

handy in educational institutes

 Blogify AI is another marketing tool we can use to convert YouTube videos into SEO-optimized blog posts.

It is the modern tool used for academic and marketing content to detect whether the content is purely human-written, ensure the use of human-level information, and detect scams by employees and students.

This tool offers a variety of features without any subscription plan like headline generator, blog ideas, and smart AI content and it also offers various subscription plans.


Does zerogpt can be used for any language?

This AI detection tool is made for use worldwide. This zero gpt detector tool can be used for any language. It supports all the languages and all the users from all over the world.

What are the uses of Zero GPT?

They are used to detect the AI content of the text and are quite helpful in various terms;

Detecting AI-Powered Context

They allow the detection of the AI content generated by any of the ai powered tools like GPT-4, GPT-3, GPT-2, LLaMA, Claude AI, Google Bard, Jasper AI, Copy.AI, or other AI services based on these models.

This is a very accurate tool and likely to promote human-generated text and encourage the use of human-level information for such text writings.

Checking Academic Content 

This tool is handy in educational institutes like checking the accuracy of the presentation skills, assignment writing, and research works. quick pen AI is an AI tool used to enhance content.

Check the plagiarism text

LAST UPDATE16/01/2024

This tool is greatly helpful in the academic field to check students’ creative skills.

Checking Marketing Content 

AI tools are becoming very common in use. Hence, it decreases the value of human written text and usually, these AI tools are being used for creating business proposals, and marketing projects.

Thus, it is obligatory to check the authenticity of the text proposed by any of the organizations. So, zero gpt is very reliable in the marketing field.

API Integrations 

This tool allows easy-to-use API integrations that help the developers and creators integrate their highly developed software into this AI tool.

They allow the user to connect and integrate various social media profiles into this tool.

This feature increases the uses and advantages of this tool.

Content at Scale also detects the content for the user

How to Use the Zero GPT Detector?

To use this detector tool, the following are some simple steps;

Enter the text

Enter the text in the given box on the website of the zerogtp detector tool, whose plagiarism you want to check.

You can also simply copy and paste the text from your device or your social media profiles that you have connected.

Remember that you should use 1000 maximum words to get better results.

This word limit increases the accuracy of the detection facility.

Click the Detect Text 

After you enter the text in the given box. Click the Detect Text option given at the end of this text box.




Next, below the box and the detection button the percentages of Human Written and AI/GPT Generator which gives the percentage of human-written or AI-generated text of the content and helps the user to check the plagiarism of the content.


Is Zero GPT Free or Costly?

This detector tool is free to use the detector feature of the text. This is the free text analysis tool that detects the AI generated from the content given.

Is zero gpt accurate?

Yes, a very reliable content detector tool helps detect the AI-generated text from the content with 99% accuracy. 
Moreover, to increase the accuracy of this detector feature, the user should add content within the word count. The user should write >1000 words to get better results.

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