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Vizard AI | Best AI-Powered And Video Creator Tool 2024

vizard ai

What is Vizard AI?

Vizard is a video online editor and convert powered by AI.

The advantage of Vizard-AI is to help designers and marketers fully use what they have on hand, create remarkable social-ready clips at scute, and reach more visitors.

vizard ai

Vizard AI


Create captivating reels and shorts

Rotate long videos into social media clips. IMAI influencer is another AI tool like this

It is easy to build immersive, influencing VR applications that solve real-world research and business oppositions

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Vizard Features

Video Editing

The Vizard-AI tool allows the users to edit and customize the video content with a lot of editing and customization templates. This video editing tool helps to create captivating reels and shorts from the long video content within minutes.

The video editing feature provides the following advanced features:

  • Add image to video.
  • Add text to the video.
  • Automatic video editor.
  • Clip maker
  • Crop video.
  • Repurpose video.
  • Resive video.
  • Video trimmer.

Subtiitles & Tanscription

It allows the users to add text subtitles to the videos and convert boring video content into short and captivating reels with the readability ease of having subtitles along with the video file.

The subtitles & transcription features include:

  • Subtitle editor.
  • Dictation software.
  • Video to text.
  • Video translator.
  • Auto subtitle generator.
  • Podcast transcription.
  • Video caption generator and much more.

Rapid and development

This Vizard-ai tool helps the users to create captivating shorts and reels and customize and edit the video content within minutes quickly and efficiently. It helps to generate desired captivating videos with so much ease and reliability.

vizard ai

Features of this tool

Helps to create captivating reels and shorts from the long video content within minutes.

Can create video from the text prompts and can also add text subtitles automatically.

Provides a free tool tier that allows the users to explore this tool for free.

How Vizard Works?

Three steps are all it takes

Upload and transcribe

It taped your video, cut out speakers, and processed your videos with our proprietary AI.

Click “ Clipping AI”

Vizard prompts fully designed video clips for YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, or any other platform of your option.

Share and Public 

Share as links, or publish download, directly from Vizard. Your work is ready!

Pricing model of Vizard

The Vizard AI tool provides subscription plans with charges:

  • Pay Monthly
  • Pay Yearly( Save 47%)

Free Plan

  • 0$/ month.
  • 300min of video uploads per month
  • 1080p export with watermark
  • 10AI clipping Project

Creator Plan

  • $16/month
  • 1200min of video uploads per month
  • 1080p export without watermark
  • 40AI clipping Project

Pro Plan

  • $32/month
  • 6000min of video upload per month
  • 1080p export without watermark
  • 200AI clipping Project

Custom Plan

  • Contact Sale
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Onboarding & training
  • Integrations

Create Captivating Reels & Shorts

LAST UPDATE20/11/2023

Why Social-Ready Clips made easy?

Grow your social Channel

Ride the short-form video and best capture

Save time and budget

Vizard creates more with less time and budget

Creators and  marketers 

We say anyone can create glossy videos with Vizard. It is that simple!

Customize video with the Vizard tool

Vizard is a full-featured video editor

Featured Tool

Clipping AI

Vizard automatically recognizes the most appealing parts and creates 10+ clips from your hour-long video.

Video Editing

The video editing tools provide various features:

  • Add subtitles to the video
  • Add image to video
  • Text  Add to the video
  • Automatic subtitle create
  • Clip builder
  • Re-purpose video


  • Splitter Video 
  • Trimmer Video 
  • Editor Subtitle

Who do we help buy for everyone?

  • Coach
  • Consultancy
  • Market
  • Creator
  • Agency
  • Podcast

 Ready to get started!


4 star rating
4 star rating
4 star rating
4 star rating
This is the most handy and efficient video editing tool I have ever used. It helps to generate captivating reels with just a click and it does the rest on its own.


How to develop Vizard Software?

Vizard-ai understands effective reality software for researchers. It is easy to build immersive. influcing Vizard applications. 
– Python-based VR development
– Unparalleled Hardware Connectivity
– Advanced data collection and analysis

What makes Vizard different?

One-click is all it takes

AI Clipping
Get 10+viral clips in seconds, not hours

AI Smart Cut & Autofocus
The easiest way to turn a landscape video into to vertical

AI Transcription
Tedious edits made easy. Trim your video like a doc.

AI Subtitling and Translation
Transcribe video in 16 languages, and translate to 29 languages. Grow globally

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