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VidIQ | Best Growth AI Tool With New Features 2024


What is VidIQ?

This AI tool examines your channel and supplies information to help your content rank well.

It is the perfect SEO tool for YouTube users, typli ai accessible as a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox browsers.

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The tool also has a strong video set for YouTube SEO features that support creating SEO-friendly titles, descriptions, and tags.


Subscriber Analysis

  • Competitor Monitoring


 The High Ranked Tags, there’s something called ”Performance, immigrant.

Keyword Tracking

this tool is the best on the emporium for YouTube keyword research. Similar to this, it works like any other conventional keyword tool.


Features of this tool

supply information to help your content rank well.

This figure takes into account search volume and emulation

to make better content decisions yourself by understanding

Break down all the keywords that the video tool provides.

  • Related Score: This determines how closely related the suggested keyword is to the keyword you just entered.
  • Search Volume: How many people search or go through this tool free YouTube every month to find a keyword?
  • Competition Score: How many videos are placed next to each other so that the differences and similarities are reflected in the YouTube search results for that particular search term?

Overall Score: This figure takes into account search volume and emulation. So if a keyword has information search but low competition, it will have a high overall score.


It’s like a dashboard that shows you how your channel is doing. You can see how many views, video subscriptions, and comments your channel has.

Best Time to Post

It is a great feature that this is the only video-free YouTube SEO tool. “Best Time to Post” is exactly what it sounds like. It tells you the best time to post a YouTube video to your channel.

There are a million “Best time to download videos” posts. But they are moderate. This feature shows the exact time your followers are active on YouTube.

Top Playlists

A playlist is simply a list of songs or pieces of music. It’s a word that originated with radio stations and the list of recordings that a radio station’s program plays on the air—the same list used for video subscriptions to a personal digital music collection.

And remember how important playlists are; the “Top Playlists” feature is fun to use.

Embed URLs

Embedding means adding content from another website to your website.

A link that needs to show the correct URL of the web page.

What you “enter” or type is the URL. It delivers measurable and connected content exactly where you need it.

Subscriber Analysis

      The process of collecting, analyzing, and identifying data related to the number of video subscriptions of a company.

Subscriber analytics is a great, interesting feature that is similar to this tool.

It aggregates audiences from a subset of subscribers, which my brand audience is looking at.

Competitor Monitoring

Vidiq Free Competitors validates your YouTube competitors and helps you discover what content works for them and why.

A competitor publishes content on Vidiq for YouTube on the same topic as you, so using this information is very useful to find out what might be working for you or what you can improve.

By understanding what’s winning, you can make better content decisions yourself by understanding your competitor’s content.

  • Highest viewed
  • Views by Hours
  • Subscriber Growth directed by premium content

Pricing plans

vidiq pricing plan

VidIQ is the perfect tool for YouTube creators.

It shows your related keywords, related points, search volume, search results, competition score, and total score.

The tool helps you grow your YouTube channel effectively by using features like keywords to analyze the relevance and competition of your list of relevant keywords. 


How Does it Work?

This AI tool is a YouTube-certified analytical and video marketing tool designed to help YouTube creators.
This tool will browse your channel and give you an overview of your content ranking exceedingly best.
It is an impeccable SEO tool for video for YouTubers and is come-at-able as a browser extension for video subscriptions, Chrome, and Firefox browsers.

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