In the fast-evolving landscape of Artificial Intelligence (AI), staying updated on the latest tools and technologies is crucial. “There’s An AI For That .com” emerges as a comprehensive AI tracker, simplifying the quest for over 700 AIs across nearly 100 categories. This tool, designed for ease of use, updates daily, providing users with a real-time pulse on AI advancements.

“There is An AI For That” is a versatile plugin offering insights into the expansive world of AI. With a database housing thousands of AIs catering to diverse tasks, it serves as an invaluable resource for anyone delving into the realm of artificial intelligence.

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Extensive Database:

  • Boasting the largest database of over 700 AIs, the tool covers a spectrum of categories.
  • Users gain access to a wealth of information on AI tools designed for various tasks.

Smart AI Search:

  • The smart AI search feature enables users to pinpoint the best AI tools tailored to their specific needs.
  • Users can efficiently find solutions for tasks ranging from graphic design to language translation.
There is An AI For That

Features of this tool

Versatile “There’s an AI For That” offers insights into the expansive world of AI.

Find solutions for tasks ranging from graphic design to language translation.

Free-to-Use AI tool that allows the users to explore this advanced tool.

Practical Use Cases

“There-is-An-AI-For-That” caters to a myriad of use cases, making it an indispensable tool for AI enthusiasts and professionals:

Identifying the Best AI Tool:

  • Users can easily identify the most suitable AI tool for a particular task.
  • The tool’s categorization aids in narrowing down options based on specific requirements.

Comparing AI Tools:

  • For those embarking on new projects, the tool provides a curated list of AI tools relevant to the project’s nature.
  • Users can explore possibilities and find innovative AI solutions for their unique requirements.
  • It facilitates a comparative analysis of different AI tools catering to the same task.
  • Users can make informed decisions by weighing the features and capabilities of each tool.

How to Navigate “There Is An AI For That”?

Identify Your Need:

  • Clearly define the task for which you seek AI assistance. Whether it’s graphic design, language translation, or any other task, knowing your needs is the first step.

Request Assistance:

  • Engage in a conversation, describing your specific requirements. For instance, state, “I need an AI tool for graphic design.”

Wait for the Response:

  • The plugin gets to work, scouring its database to find relevant AI tools. Shortly, you’ll receive a curated list of suggestions.

Review and Choose:

  • Go through the suggestions provided, each accompanied by a brief description.

Task-Centric Categorization

  • Innovative Approach: “There is AI for That” takes a unique task-centric approach, categorizing AI tools based on the tasks they can replace or enhance.
  • Diversity: With 4,527 AIs catering to 1,188 tasks, the platform showcases the vast diversity of AI applications across various domains.

Evolution Since 2015

  • Longevity: The platform’s history since 2015 highlights the enduring nature of AI tools. Despite being a relatively young technology, the consistent presence of tools over the years underscores the industry’s growth and stability.

ChatGPT-Powered Newsletter

  • Innovative Content Creation: The fact that the newsletter is written by ChatGPT demonstrates the integration of AI not just in tools but also in content creation. It showcases the versatility of AI applications in generating informative and engaging content.

Impact on Jobs

  • Jobs Section: The inclusion of a “Jobs” section, calculating the impact on each job based on AI tool coverage and quantity, adds a socio-economic dimension. It provides insights into how AI is transforming traditional job roles and responsibilities.

Real-Time Updates

  • Dynamic Platform: The constant updates in almost real-time reflect the dynamism of the AI landscape. Users can stay informed about the latest advancements, making it a valuable resource for AI enthusiasts, professionals, and businesses.

Future Implications

  • Forward-Looking: As AI continues to advance, “There’s an AI for That.com” serves as a forward-looking platform, anticipating the evolving needs and applications of AI technology.
TOOL NAMEThere is An AI For That
LAST UPDATE20/12/2023


“There is an AI for that” not only serves as a testament to the rapid proliferation of AI tools but also as a pioneering platform that revolutionizes how we explore and categorize AI. 

From its inception in 2015 to its current status as a dynamic, real-time tracker, this tool encapsulates the journey and potential of AI in transforming tasks, industries, and job landscapes. As we navigate the ever-expanding realm of AI, there an ai for platforms like these play a crucial role in shaping our understanding and engagement with this transformative technology.

“TheresAnai for That” transcends the conventional boundaries of AI exploration. With its user-friendly interface, vast database, and daily updates, it emerges as a go-to tool for anyone navigating the expansive world of artificial intelligence. 

Whether you’re a seasoned AI professional or a curious enthusiast, this plugin promises to be your guide in discovering the limitless possibilities of AI.

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