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What is Solid Point?

Solid point is an AI tool that helps users to understand a large variety of data in the content.

SolidPoint AI is a useful tool for scholars, professionals, and students alike, as it streamlines the process of summarizing extensive amounts of text or video. 

This user-friendly, free program can condense lengthy documents, articles, and videos into clear, educational summaries in several formats, including bullet points, extended Q&A, and more.

By using web applications, in a few while, users can easily summarize a large amount of information of more than a thousand words.

Text summaries of YouTube videos can be produced using the summarizing program SolidPoint. To use the tool, enter the URL of your lengthy YouTube video and press the “Summarize” button to receive succinct, insightful analysis quickly. It’s not always necessary to register for a new account.

Additionally, you may obtain “Comment Insights” for a YouTube video, examine the tone of remarks using a “Dislike Score” for the comments section, and conveniently traverse the comment timeline.

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You may also summarize Reddit postings using the tool’s Reddit Summarizer feature.

You can also obtain unique URLs for each summary that you can post on social media or another website. The website also features a “Trending” section where users can examine popular summary pages.

Is solid point free to use?

It is used free of cost. Users can easily use it free of cost without any problems or hassle. It is a user-friendly website that allows users to easily analyze and summarize the data of lengthy content and YouTube videos. Users have to paste the URL of the lengthy YouTube, and you quickly receive concise, insightful analysis. It’s not always necessary to register for a new account.

Features of solid-point

It is an AI tool that provides a variety of features to the user, which helps the user with a lot of processes.

Solid point

Features of this tool

Streamlines the process of summarizing extensive amounts of text or video.

Flexibility Applications for SolidPoint include education, research, journalism and media.

Allow users to test out the features of this solid point tool by creating a free trial.

AI-Powered Synopsis 

SolidPoint extracts important information and creates succinct summaries by utilizing artificial intelligence and natural language processing.

Transcribing Video to Text 

The application can convert audio from videos into text, giving a written account of the spoken material.

Time saves

Users may rapidly understand the important points of long videos by reducing them into helpful summaries with Time-Saving SolidPoint, which saves them time.

Simpleness of Use 

Users can quickly and easily extract the most important information from videos without having to manually summarize them by simply clicking a button.


Flexibility Applications for SolidPoint include education, research, journalism and media, market research, transcriptions, content development, and overall productivity.

Broad Support for Platforms

 Because the tool is cross-platform compatible, users can use it on a variety of devices and operating systems.

Free Sample 

Before committing to a membership, users can test out the features of the tool by creating a free trial account on the SolidPoint website.

Use cases of solid-points.


By using SolidPoint to condense instructional movies, students can rapidly assimilate the essential ideas without having to view the full thing.

Content Generation

By using SolidPoint, content producers may create summaries of their videos that let viewers quickly understand the key points and determine whether to watch the entire thing or not.


Long video presentations or lectures can yield valuable insights that professionals and researchers can use to evaluate and refer to pertinent material quickly.

News and Media

 Media and News By using SolidPoint to summarize press conferences, interviews, or other video information, journalists and news organizations can more easily create accurate and succinct news reports.

Market research 

Market Analysis Market researchers can quickly obtain insightful information from consumer interviews, focus groups, or customer feedback videos by using SolidPoint’s summarizing capabilities.


SolidPoint’s transcribing tool conveniently converts audio from videos into text for tasks like producing written transcripts of spoken content or subtitles by rapidly comprehending the content of lengthy videos.


SolidPoint. Ai helps people save time by letting them prioritize their viewing and concentrate on the most pertinent portion.

How to use solid-points? is a user-friendly tool. SolidPoint is easy to use

  • Go to the website and register for an account or sign in first. 
  • Next, submit the video that you wish to summarize. 
  • SolidPoint can summarize the main points of the video and deliver you a summary with only one click. 
  • After that, you won’t need to watch the complete film because you can go over the synopsis and concentrate on what matters most.
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LAST UPDATE22/11/2023

In detail,

1. Visit the Solidpoint AI Website:

First things first, visit the Solidpoint AI website by going online.

Any internet-connected device will work, including computers, tablets, and even your mother’s smartphone (with her consent, of course!).

2. Sign Up

Search for a large, glossy button that reads “Sign Up” or a comparable phrase. 

You will be directed to a registration page after clicking on it.

 Basic details like your name, email address, and possibly even a password are what they might ask for. 

It’s okay, they are only curious about you!

3. Explore the Free Features

Once you’ve signed up, it’s time to see what Solid Point AI has to offer for free. 

They might have a limited version of their AI tool available without any cost. 

This means you can try out some of the cool things it can do without spending a single penny!

4. Test Drive the AI

Now comes the fun part! Take SolidPoint AI for a spin. You can use it for various tasks like writing, content creation, or even generating ideas. 

Just give it a go and see how it works. Remember, it’s like having a smart buddy who helps you with your writing!

Using Solid point .com AI for free is as easy as pie! Just visit their website, sign up, explore the free features, test drive the AI, and share your valuable feedback. 

So, give it a try and have fun unleashing your creativity with the help of this nifty AI tool.

Pricing Plans

  • To save time and extract important points, summarize lengthy films.
  • Investigation, Synopsis, and Translation
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  • Traffic per Month: 209k
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