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SocialBu | Best Social Media Tool To Manage Business In 2024


What is SocialBu?

Social Bu is an AI-powered Marketing tool designed to manage, update, and optimize your social media profiles.

It is a perfect solution for your social media platforms to manage your business schedules, boost your sales, and improve your business.

It assists you in saving time by scheduling posts and using reply mind which helps users create an impact on their social appearance.


The features of this tool

optimize your social media profiles.

Easy to use and user friendly interface

saving time by scheduling posts

it keeps all your conversations in one place, helps to monitor your social media accounts, helps you to automate your social media, aids in analyzing your accounts, and provides team collaboration.

Why Choose Social?

  • it has been ranked as Top Rated Customer Service.
  • it offers a 14 Day Free Trial.
  • it’s Subscription can be cancelled anytime. 

What are the Products of Social Bu?


They allow you to schedule the right timings for the posting of your posts on your different social media platforms.


It allows you to respond to your social chats on this AI platform. This app will help to maintain your chats all in one place.


It helps to maintain and monitor your social media profiles very easily and efficiently.


It allows you to Automate, Optimize, and Customize your social profiles as well.

Team Collaborations

It allows you to make team collaborations and work as a team with different teammates and social media experts.


optimize social media profiles

LAST UPDATE19/01/2024

Pricing Plans

Monthly Plans

The Monthly Plan comes with 3 different packages.

  • Standard Plan for $15.8
  • Super Plan for $49.2
  • Supreme Plan for $165.8
Social Bu pricing

Yearly Plans 

The yearly plans of this tool offer 3 different package offers.

  • Standard Plan for $15.8 
  • Super Plan for $49.2.
  • Supreme Plan for $165.8.

How to Create an Account on SocialBu?

The Account can be logged in in 4 different steps and credentials.

Step 1: Sign-Up Page

  • Click on the Sign-Up button on the top right corner of the dashboard.
  • On the next slide, enter your Name, Work Email and Password.
  • Retype your account for confirmation.
  • Then, Click on the Register button below.

Step 2: Login Page

  • On the next slide, the Login page will appear with the page of Please Log In.
  • Enter your Email and Password again for verification.
  • Click on the login option below the box.

Thank You Message

  • You will receive an Email for the verification of this tool account. 
  • Click on the Verification Link of the email.


Your account has been created. You can now manage your social media profiles, set up your posts, modify and edit according to your choices, and rank among your social society as a top influencer.


Does Social Bu offer any Free Tools?

It allows some tools for free ;
To Generate social posts.
To Generate post captions.
To Generate blog images. 
To Generate quote images.

How much does Social Bu cost?

This tool offers multiple packages with different opportunities;

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