Enter SlidesAI, an AI-powered text-to-presentation tool that promises to revolutionize the way presentations are created. 

Whether you’re a student, educator, or a business professional, ai to create slides, It aims to be the game-changer in creating slides with AI in the realm of presentation design.

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Getting Acquainted with AI Tool

The Vision Behind This AI Tool:

  • Explore the motivation behind the creation of this tool, the best AI for presentations, and how it aims to simplify the presentation creation process for individuals from slides of diverse backgrounds.

User-Friendly Interface:

  • It is a user-friendly interface and very easy to use

A Seamless Start with SlidesAI

Setting Up This AI Tool:

  • A step-by-step guide on how users can set up this, including installing the AI tools for presentation add-on for Google Slides and AI create slides initiating the presentation creation process and how to use this tool.

Basic Plan Features:

  • An overview of the free Basic Plan, including the limitations and benefits it offers, ai to make slides, making it an ideal starting point for users exploring this tool.

Features of this tool

AI-powered text-to-presentation tool that promises to revolutionize the way presentations are created.

Provides versatility support for over 100 languages, catering to a global audience.

Provides a free plan, basic plan. It allows to create presentations and provides ai credits too.


AI Credits:

Each plan includes AI credits, contributing to advanced AI tools for PPT functionalities and ensuring a seamless experience.

Video Export:

While currently listed as “Coming Soon,” the Pro and Premium plans promise this feature, adding a dynamic element to presentations.

Document Upload:

Also listed as “Coming Soon,” this feature holds the potential to enhance document integration for a more comprehensive presentation experience.

How this Slides-AI Works

AI-Powered Presentation Creation:

Uncover the mechanics of the AI slideshow of how It leverages artificial intelligence to transform text input into visually appealing AI presentation slides.

Multilingual Support:

Highlight the versatility of this tool by examining its support for over 100 languages, catering to a global audience.

Customization and Personalization:

Explore how users can customize the appearance of their presentations, generate slides with AI, choose from pre-designed color and font presets, or create a unique look.

Integration with Google Slides:

Understand the seamless integration of this tool with Google Slides, making it a convenient tool for users already familiar with the Google Workspace.

Creating Presentations in Minutes:

It provides unlimited time-locking potentials. It helps to showcase the remarkable time-saving capabilities of this tool, allowing users to generate presentations in under 2 minutes.

No Design Skills Required:

Emphasize how It eliminates the need for intricate design skills, the best AI tool for presentations, catering to users with varying levels of design proficiency.

Continuous Evolution and Future Integrations:

Discuss this tool’s commitment to continuous improvement, highlighting ongoing efforts and plans, and a tool that creates presentations, including potential integration with Microsoft PowerPoint.

Diverse Use Cases of This AI Tool

LAST UPDATE10/12/2023

Educational Presentations:

Illustrate how students and educators can benefit from the Slides AI presentation tool, creating informative and visually appealing educational presentations.

Business Proposals:

Explore the application of this AI tool in the business domain, particularly in simplifying the AI slide creation of compelling AI that creates presentations and business proposals.

Marketing Campaigns:

Examine how marketing professionals can leverage text-to-slide AI to craft engaging campaigns with minimal effort.

Research Presentations:

Showcase the utility of this AI tool in transforming research data and AI tools to create presentation text into professional presentations for AI tools for presentation academic or corporate settings.

User Reviews and Feedback:

Provide insights into the experiences of actual It users through reviews and tools to create presentation feedback, highlighting the tool’s practicality and effectiveness.

Pricing Plans

When it comes to transforming text into captivating presentations, It offers a range of pricing plans to cater to diverse AI-powered presentation user needs. Let’s delve into the details of each plan to help you make an informed decision:

Basic Plan:

Price: US$0.00/month.

  • Good plan to get started
  • Presentations: 3 per month
  • Character Input: 2500 per presentation
  • AI Credits: 10 per month
  • Video Export: 1 per month (Coming Soon)
  • Document Upload: (Coming soon)

Pro Plan:

Price: US$10.00/month

  • Perfect plan for students and educators.
  • Presentations: 10 per month
  • Character Input: 6000 per presentation
  • AI Credits: 50 per month
  • Video Export: 10 per month (Coming Soon)
  • Document Upload: (Coming soon)

Premium Plan:

Price: US$20.00/month.

  • The premium plan is suitable for business & marketing professionals.
  • Presentations: Unlimited
  • Character Input: 12000 per presentation
  • AI Credits: 100 per month
  • Video Export: 20 per month (Coming Soon)
  • Document Upload: (Coming soon)

Choosing the Right Plan:

  • Basic: Ideal for users who need a starting point, providing enough presentations to explore AI tool capabilities.
  • Pro: Tailored for students and educators, AI to make PPT, offering increased presentations and character input for more extensive usage.
  • Premium: Suited for business and marketing professionals with unlimited presentations and higher character input, ensuring versatility and efficiency.


Summarize the transformative impact of this AI tool in the realm of presentation creation, AI to create presentation slides, reiterating its user-friendly approach, AI tools for presentations, time-saving features, and diverse applications.


4 star rating
4 star rating
4 star rating
4 star rating
I have been using this slidesai presentation tool to create presentations about 4-5 months. I highly recommend this AI tool for academic persons.

 Encourage readers to explore how to use slides AI and streamline their presentation design process.

In essence, this detailed article aims to be a comprehensive guide to This tool, offering readers an in-depth understanding of its features, AI that creates slides, functionalities, and the slidesai.com value it brings to individuals and professionals seeking efficient presentation solutions in slidesai.io.

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