What is shortly ai?

Shortly AI simplifies the writing and editing process, enabling users to enhance their productivity and overcome creative hurdles. Its user-friendly interface makes it accessible to writers of all backgrounds.

Shortly-AI, fueled by GPT-3, is an artificial intelligence writing assistant, that empowers content creators to speed up the production of various content types like blogs, social media posts, scripts, and marketing materials.

Shortly AI

Shortly AI


Artificial Intelligence Writing Assistant, now under the wings of, is not just an AI writing tool; it’s your creative ally, helping you articulate ideas effectively and comfortably. 

This AI-powered writing tool deploys advanced techniques such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) to continue writing sentences when the words run dry seamlessly. 

Whether you’re crafting a bestselling novel or a blog post, ShortlyAI’s cutting-edge AI aids in turning your thoughts into articulate paragraphs. 

It’s your go-to companion for brainstorming and developing concepts distraction-free.

Key Features

  • Versatile Content Generation: Ideal for crafting articles and diverse content due to its limitless content generation capabilities.
  • GPT-3 Algorithm Backbone: Powered by the robust GPT-3 algorithm, ShortlyAI stands among the top AI content-writing tools.
  • AI’s Writing Process: AI intelligently understands user needs, enabling swift content creation for a range of purposes.
  • No Content Restrictions: No content limits make ShortlyAI a go-to choice for those seeking extensive article generation.
Shortly AI

Features of this tool

Ideal for crafting articles and diverse content due to its limitless content generation capabilities.

Seamlessly integrate it with word processors like Google Docs or Microsoft Word.

A free trial is available for users to experience ShortlyAI features with a 300-word limit.

Usage Flexibility

  • Stand-Alone or Integration: Use ShortlyAI independently or seamlessly integrate it with word processors like Google Docs or Microsoft Word.
  • Originality Assurance: No worries about plagiarism; ShortlyAI’s AI technology ensures originality in content creation.

Shorty’s Evolution

  • Acquisition by has acquired Shortly, solidifying its position as a valuable AI writing companion.
  • Writer-Centric Design: Crafted for writers, freelancers, and content professionals, ShortlyAI aims to combat writer’s block and enhance productivity.
  • Writing Superpowers: Press a button on Shortly’s interface to unleash writing superpowers, turning your ideas into well-crafted content effortlessly.

AI-Powered Creativity

  • Continued Writing Assistance: AI continues writing to transform your ideas into fully developed, impactful text suitable for novels, blogs, or any written form.
  • Innovative Commands: Users have access to commands that enhance writing quality, allowing for the formation of flawless phrases.
  • Immediate Rewriting: Utilize instructions for instant phrase rewriting, adjusting the length as needed for concise or detailed communication.

How to Use?

Account Creation:

Visit the Shortly. AI website and sign up for an account. The process is straightforward and sets the stage for your writing journey.

Accessing the Dashboard:

After signing up, head to the home dashboard. Look for the “New” button positioned at the top right corner of the screen.

Template Selection:

Upon clicking “New,” you’ll be prompted to choose a template. Options typically include non-fiction blog articles or creative stories. For this example, let’s select the blog article template.

Providing Input to AI:

You’ll now find yourself in a blank word editor. Brief the shortly AI gratis on your writing topic, adopting a casual tone as if conversing with a friend. Specify the desired output length to guide the AI’s writing pace.

Title and Content Generation:

Give your article a title and hit the “Write for me” button. Watch as ShortlyAI generates initial content for you. The AI provides a foundation that you can refine using slash commands.

Slash Commands for Refinement:

Employ slash commands for fine-tuning the content:

  • /instruct: Provide instructions on the AI’s next steps (e.g., /instruct [write about…]).
  • /rewrite: Request a different rendition of the selected text.
  • /shorten: Make selected text more concise.
  • /expand: Extend selected text.

Saving and Sharing:

The AI-generated content is automatically saved. 

By following these steps, you can harness the power of Shortly AI espanol to streamline your writing process, from initial generation to refining and sharing your content.

Pros & Cons


  • Ease of Use: espanol is exceptionally user-friendly. The sign-up process is straightforward, and the interface is intuitive, making it accessible for users, even those new to AI writing tools.
  • Unlimited Document Creation: Enjoy the freedom of creating an unlimited number of documents with ShortlyAI. There are no restrictions on content generation, allowing users to produce as much as they need without concerns about running out of credits.
  • Refined Slash Commands: ShortlyAI’s slash commands offer a more refined experience compared to some other shortly al writing tools. For instance, the /rewrite command not only allows text rewriting but also provides options for specifying the desired rewriting style, enhancing content quality with ease.
  • Free Trial Option: While the free trial comes with limitations on content generation, it serves as an excellent opportunity to test Shortly Write and determine if it aligns with your needs.


  • Inconsistent AI-Generated Content: Occasionally, the content generated by may lack coherence. Users might find instances where the AI incorporates parts of the article brief into paragraphs, resulting in content that doesn’t always make sense.
  • Limited Content Types: Shortly.AI is primarily designed for blog articles and stories. Suppose your content needs to extend to other types, such as social media posts or product descriptions. In that case, you may need to explore alternative AI tools like Copy AI or Jasper AI.
  • Perceived Costliness: The monthly subscription cost of $65 may be considered relatively high compared to other AI writing tools available. In comparison, tools like Copy AI, offering a more comprehensive feature set, charge USD 49 per month, making ShortlyAI appear comparatively expensive for the features provided.

ShortlyAI Pricing Overview

Monthly Plan

  • Cost: $79/month
  • Access: Billed every month
  • Features: Unlimited word credits and full access to all offered features

Annual Plan:

  • Cost: $65/month (billed annually) + 2 months free
  • Access: Billed annually with the benefit of 2 months free
  • Features: Unlimited word credits and complete access to all features

Free Trial Option:

  • Availability: Yes
  • Usage Limit: 300 words
  • Access: Requires email address and password for trial access
  • Features: Limited to 300 words to explore ShortlyAI’s capabilities

Note: Users can choose between monthly and annual plans based on their preferences and usage patterns. Additionally, a free trial is available for users to experience ShortlyAI features with a 300-word limit.

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