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QRX code | Best AI Colorful Tool To Design QR Codes 2024

qrx Code

If you get tired of seeing the black-and-white QR codes. Then, code is very helpful to you.

You can make a unique type of QR code that attracts people and makes an everlasting impact on them.

What is the QRX Code?

QRX code is an AI-generated tool that helps you make attractive and colorful codes suitable for your brand.

It converts boring black-and-white Codes into attractive and beautiful images ai convertor that attracts the attention of people. 


Features of this tool

make attractive and colorful codes suitable for your brand.

provides several designs for you

For small business owners


Here is a description box, where you have to explain a description of your code. What type of design of code do you want and for what purpose?

URL to encode

After writing the description, you have to write the URL code of your website 

Where the users have to reach after scanning the QR code.


  • After writing the description and URL, click on the “Generate” button.
  • It takes some time to process.
  • After that, different styles and designs of QR codes are generated and you can select the code according to your taste.
  • You can easily download it and also add it to your favorite.


This code has a variety of features that help the user in several ways. Some of the features

are discussed below:

AI-generated artistry

It uses AI algorithms to generate precise and visually attractive QR codes 

that takes the attention of users.

This code is specifically beneficial for groups that are trying to create a greater engaging and noteworthy reveling for their customers.


Easy to use

It is very simple and easy to use.

To have to write a description of your code and URL then it will make a QR code for you according to your requirements.

It provides several designs for you then you select the QR code that is suitable for you.


It creates a variety of codes for different purposes including marketing services, etc.

creates a variety of codes

LAST UPDATE12/1/2024

This tool is very helpful for people and businesses of all types. 


There are some other factors of code:


There is an option for favorites where you can save your favorites code and use it when needed.


In this, You can also see the history from the history button. It helps you find the previous record.


If any QR code is misplaced by default then you can easily download it from here.

In the gallery of this tool, you can see all types of templates and designs of QR codes which helps you to select a design for your code.

Privacy & policy


code collects different types of personal information from you such as Contact information, payment method, etc for creating the QR code.


This tool collects all this information to improve your QR code according to their experiences.

It contacts you to analyze the data.


This tool does not sell or leak your data to any third party. it provides full security to your data and information.


How to Use QRX ? 

Here are some of the general steps for using this tool:
First, you have to visit the website qrx.com
Sign up or log in: 
You would usually have to create an account or log in to your platform to use the code.
It is better to sign in to your Google account in less time than to create a new account.
After login to the account, Click On the “Create” Button.
Then, there are two options:

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make attractive and colorful codes suitable for my brand.ever favourite and helpful tool.