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Mailmodo | Best Email Marketing And Get Better Response AI tool


What is Mailmodo?

A smart email solution called Mailmodo makes email advertising easier to manage and helps email responses get better.

It makes it simple to create interactive emails with things like calendars and surveys. It displays thorough statistics and includes a variety of email themes.

see also Luna Ai which is a smart and advanced tool.

Additionally, by simply expressing your email concept, you may generate a memorable email subject using its free service.


Features of this tool

makes email advertising easier to manage

Send emails automatically based on user behavior and market data.

makes emails behave like applications and comprehensive statistics.

Developing features for email marketing

  • Every user action takes place in the inbox.
  • Connect your APIs to your marketing work.
  • Your users receive emails that function like apps.
  • Modify email content programmatically.

No-coding AMP emails

  • Drag and drop AMP components to create emails in a visual editor.
  • Easily modify each person’s email.
  • Include your own HTML or other pieces of code.

Mail automation made simple:

  • Send emails automatically based on user behavior and market data.
  • Make user pathways quickly using a drag-and-drop tool.
  • Improve your email pathways by paying attention to how users behave.

Reachable Emails

  • Use this tool technology to send a lot of emails, or use a different email sender.
  • Your emails will be opened and read by more people due to our unique IP addresses.
  • Additionally, you can connect to programs like Sendgrid, Netcore Pepipost, and AWS SES.

Emails are automatically sent:

  • Send emails when a user does a specific action, like registering or making an investment.
  • Users can be categorized based on past email interactions, such as opening or clicking links.
  • Using this tool, modify your scheduled messages.

All content on a single-screen:

  • View your stats for opens, clicks, leaves, and submissions.
  • A/B testing is used to compare several titles.
  • Send your information to a tool or a file.

Mailmodo Cost

The cost varies according to how many emails are sent each month.

Initial cost: $39.00 per month

A free trial is offered.

Version for free: Not Available

Mailmodo pricing


  • Incredible templates.
  • It’s a fantastic free plan.
  • AMP emails have a nice design and are simple to make.
  • Integrations employ interactive components.
  • The dashboard and interface are simple to use.


  • There are no lead generation forms or landing pages.
  • Lack of automated templates.


With tools like calendars and surveys, Mail Modo is a cutting-edge email advertising system that makes it simple to create interactive emails.

It offers AMP email generation without scripting, a user-friendly interface that makes emails behave like applications, and comprehensive statistics.

High email reachability is ensured by the platform, which also integrates with significant email senders.

It lacks a free version and is priced according to email volume, starting at $39.00/month.

Although it offers a variety of templates and integrations, lead generation forms and automatic templates are absent.

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