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Luna AI | Best AI Smart Email Assistant Tool To Improve Emails 2024

luna ai

What is Luna Ai?

Luna Ai is a smart email helper. It can improve your emails and help you locate good people to email.

It integrates with programs like Pipedrive and Hubspot and has Zapier connections with many additional programs.

Using advice from you and cold emailing best practices, Luna keeps getting wiser and sends emails till the person who received them responds. Hoppy Copy is a program that uses AI to assist you in writing emails. 

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You are unlikely to succeed if you rely only on your friends, conduct non-technological customer research, send impersonal communications,

or downplay the value of personalization.

Additionally, it is not a good idea to rely too heavily on expensive marketing strategies or advertising campaigns that don’t last long or produce positive effects.

You’re most likely used to

In most cases, depending on friends and family to bring in new clients will not give you the independence you desire. It is why:

  • Not many people know about your company.
  • You may not get the clientele you want.
  • You will have to do a lot of the work yourself.
luna ai

Features of this tool

improve your emails and help you locate good people

it’s pricey and that overload happens quickly.

it is so easy to use with few steps.

It can be not easy to invest a lot of effort in finding potential clients, doing research on them, and sending emails for the following reasons:

  • It requires lots of time.
  • Doing it on a broader scale is difficult.
  • Reaching your sales targets can be challenging.

Advertising or outsourcing

This can give you a boost, but you’ll quickly learn that it’s pricey and that overload happens quickly.

  • Both are extremely pricey.
  • Rapid overloading takes place.
  • Very dependent.


Every day, it assists you in finding potential customers. The recommendations it makes for you get even more precise as you use it more (like smart machine learning).

  • These potential clients are a fantastic fit for your company.
  • Their contact information has been verified as accurate (no more inoperative emails).
  • Additionally, you can add your prospective clients to Luna.

Your communications are written for you by this tool. It searches up the contact’s online presence on social media and their website so you can establish a more personal connection. Why not now? Generate responses from others in your talks.

  • No robotic messages, just personalized ones.
  • Spam won’t be sent to your emails.
  • Operates in all languages.
luna ai

It is extremely proficient with computers and examines over 200,000 sales emails each month. It is aware of good and bad things.

  • Luna notices when you make changes.
  • Luna continues to send emails until the person you are attempting to contact responds.
  • It employs well-known strategies to be effective in cold emails.

We can easily link Pipedrive and Hubspot with Luna.ai. Along with email (SMTP), Google, Microsoft, and other tools are all compatible with it. Additionally, we can use Zapier to link Luna with countless additional apps. It implies that you connect Luna with a variety of software applications and instantly sync your sales team.

What if you could effortlessly get an unlimited number of excellent potential clients with no effort?

Welcome to Luna ai!

It’s a unique computer program that seeks out fantastic new potential clients for you every day using smart technologies. Then, Luna Ai sends them lovely, personalized emails rather than disruptive, generic ones.

What’s amazing is that, on average, users of this tool receive responses from these potential clients 5.5% of the time. That is a lot better than the typical response rate, which is less than 1%. And there’s a valid explanation behind it!

Key stats are available only through Luna.ai.

Out of a large list of more than 275 million potential connections, Luna is very good at recommending the appropriate people for you to contact.

Eight out of ten times, people accept Luna’s recommendations for someone. And as time passes, more and more people express an interest in Luna’s ideas.

From signing up to sending your first email using Luna.ai, it only takes 186 seconds. What an interesting fact!

It indicates that Luna.ai is unique from other tools and that you may use it right away. Register and give it a try.

When using Luna.ai, 78% of emails get delivered to the recipient’s inbox.

Each email is made to be unique by Luna.ai, which decreases the chance that it will be considered to be spam.

InTorevent being labeled as spam, also sets restrictions and sends emails at times that correspond to the recipient’s time zone.

The bounce rate for Luna.ai is extremely low, at 0.5%. It’s crucial to keep it modest since if it’s high, people can perceive your website as spammy.

The bounce rate is only 0.5% at Luna.ai, while it’s 10 times higher at other lead-generation businesses.

luna ai

The majority of individuals respond to texts 6.6% of the time on average.

In the market, the typical response rate is typically around 1%. However, Luna.ai is six times better and is much superior!

By using Luna’s new and enhanced language models, users who pay for its services obtain even better results, and Luna.ai has learned a lot from these users’ actions.

(By the way, we do not include pre-programmed “out-of-office” responses in these figures.)

Users often start using Autonomous Mode after 46 minutes. You can achieve your objectives quickly with Autonomous Mode.

Once Luna.ai has received effective training, you may be trusted to operate independently and send messages on your behalf, just like you would with a member of your sales team.


With its effortless interactions, smart recommendations, and personalized content, Luna.ai is a powerful email outreach tool that stands out.

It generates a remarkable response rate of 5.5%, which is much higher than industry standards. Luna.ai

Is a game-changer for companies looking for effective client engagement and revenue growth due to its quick setup, low bounce rate, and autonomous mode.


How does it work?

Inform Luna AI about your business, your target market, and your communication style. Luna is extremely intelligent and is well-versed.
Once it has mastered a task, you can depend on it to complete it on your own. It can send messages on your behalf, exactly like a member of the sales team.
Consider Luna. Like a super-quick learner, AI. By predicting your needs, it becomes wiser over time and increases your sales

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