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Inbox Narrator | Best AI Technology And Email Summarization Tool

inbox narrator

What is an inbox narrator?

Inbox Narrator is an email summarization device.

It summarizes new emails with the help of AI technology, and then it provides the summaries in an effective human-like voice, for example, polite post-Siri and others per morning.

It helps you to advance your morning.

inbox narrator

Features of this tool

summarizes new emails with the help of AI technology

requires a monthly fee as a subscription

provides safety to the user’s data.

It converts your unread email into a morning podcast when you are getting ready for the day.

A Glimpse into Your Inbox

Early, you do not have enough time to check your new emails because you have to get ready for the office.

Sometimes, there are some important emails which you cannot read at the moment and cause problems for you. 

This tool summarises your emails and speaks to them like a podcast.

It is so interesting to hear about it.

Imagine you are just waking and hearing a voice. Your boss sent you an email that today’s meeting will be postponed.



This tool has a subscription of $ 3.99 per month.

It gives a free trial of 30 days with a money-back guarantee.

After finishing the registration, verify your emails and subscribe to them by payment method.

Then, the user sets up commands for your voice mails.


Efficient Management

It saves the user time by providing a unique way to manage mail.


It increases email availability, mainly for the impaired parts.


It provides peace of mind for the listener and provides safety to the user’s users.

summarizes new emails

TOOL NAMEInbox-Narrator
LAST UPDATEinbox narrator


Email support

Only Gmail is supported by inbox narration, limiting the use to those individuals who use other mail providers.

Internet Dependency

It requires a strong internet connection for proper working. It is bad for those who have bad connections.

Subscription Fee

It requires a monthly fee as a subscription, which also loses its potential


How to use an inbox-narrator?

To start with this tool, there are three steps:
Create an Account
Firstly, you have to log in to an account.
Simply sign in to your Google account.
It just takes a few seconds to log in to your account. 
Setup your assistant
Compose Siri and Google Assistant options to get your mail summary.
After this, you can easily enjoy your voice emails, and it also saves time.

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