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Hypertype | Smart AI Email Assistant For Simple Email Communication


What is Hypertype?

Hyper type is a smart email helper. It can facilitate and speed up email writing. With the help of its Hyperbrain function,

It gathers data from your team and immediately creates effective emails for you.

A manual FAQ feature is also included.




Create professional and reliable emails

It will use your papers, which you may add, to assist you in responding to emails.

Currently, a Google Chrome extension is required to use it with Gmail. Nureply is like a smart computer program that makes sending emails easier. 

If enough people recommend employing another email platform, they can make it work.

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Purchase a super-smart brain of your own

With just one click, we make it very simple for you to duplicate and build a brain for your business.

A super-memory similar to Hyperbrain compiles all of your sources of knowledge to assist you in finding the answers to questions. Respond to your emails quickly and effectively.

Hypertype Chrome extension

We want to save you time by preventing you from repeatedly writing the same information. Our goal is to simplify the process of using your company’s data in routine business communications.



Combine your sources:

In Hyperbrain, build your knowledge network using the information you already have.

Create & Personalise Reply:

Besides including your information in answers, Hyper type also tells what our AI does.

Source check, write, and send: Verify the source of the information, make any required modifications, and then submit.


Using Emails and files, you can streamline your email responses like a pro.

  • $19/month, 20% off when billed annually.
  • Free 7-day Trial.
hypertype pricing


Due to its advanced capabilities, Hyper type revolutionizes email communication.

By drawing on your group’s combined knowledge, it quickly creates excellent emails using its Hyperbrain feature.


4 star rating
4 star rating
4 star rating
4 star rating
At the start of my professional life, I find it very difficult to write competent and inspiring emails. This hyper-type tool saves my life at this time and helps to write professional emails and generate more leads.

You may improve replies by adding your materials through the manual FAQ option.

Hyper. type, a Google Chrome plugin for Gmail, attempts to free up time by doing away with tedious email writing duties.

It’s your quick route to timely and tailored email answers.

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It save my time by preventing me from repeatedly writing the same information.