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Hundrx | Best Social Media Tool And Chrome Extention 2024


Introduce Hundrx

This Tool smoothly incorporates the difficult transformation to the Web3 space for its users into Twitter.

A little Clicks,Hundrx revolves every Twitter extension’s profile into a treasure, accessible crypto value by making social tokens on the blockchain publer.

Users are then able to buy and sell each independent Account’s token.

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Twitter for Web3

Upgrade Twitter to Web3 with AI tool is a Chrome extension that qualifies you to utilize any Twitter account and turn it into a tradeable in social media.

It qualifies users to assist their online presence, drive commitment, automate replies, and tap into the power of Web3. 

It also allows for estate-like name services for your Twitter extension account, increasing visibility and discoverability. It’s built for Chrome, courageous, and Opera browsers, leveraging the Polygon blockchain’s speed, security, and capacity.


Key Features

Wallet of Non-custodial

It has desegrated a notecase directly into Twitter extensions, making it easy for users to direct their assets.

 Hashtag fundraising campaign

Its policy authorizes companies to elevate collections for their projects using a built-in hashtag fundraising implement, corresponding to Kickstarter.

Group rewarding

Regarding DRX, a cryptocurrency, KOLs can assign or “airdrop” DRX to companions who have retweeted their described tweets.

Algorithm discovery

It generates a righteous cycle where a profile’s approval and impact are increased through the social tokens on its program.

Infrastructure of Payment

The payment method is more seamless and secure, as all undertakings are noted on the blockchain. 

Bot spotting

It resolves the trouble of Twitter bots by ensuring that only real people can perfect social tokens.

The worth of a Twitter profile can be correctly evaluated based on the number of minted tokens, providing different methods to transform between profiles with actual companions and those with bot companions.

Chat-GPT Counter

One of our key attributes is Tweet Replays GPT.

Utilize state-of-the-art GPT AI technology; our platform creates personalized and appealing tweets that users can replay on any tweet.

Use Cases

Social Capital & Social Tokens

Assess true impact by turning each Twitter account into typical social tokens, authorizing users to negotiate, monetize, and maximize their online presence, and turning followers into value treasure.

Tokenization & Liquid Assets

 Involvement permissionless tokenization with this tool authorizes users to tokenize any Twitter account and enjoy upgrade tensility and liquid assets.

Proceed with tokens anytime without needing a buyer finder or credit to the smart convention system.

Chrome Extension & high-powered Marketing

Improve biological marketing attempts by rapidly and easily extending the word about token events, driving network effects, and enhancing observations for your tokens.

Create viral efforts, reward your company, and extend your companion with this tool.

Top AI Chrome Extension for Twitter

 Clarify your Twitter extension experience automation reply with ChatGPT.

 Finding (HNS) Hundrx Name Service

Boost your Twitter account with its dominion name and website by utilizing the Name Service (HNS), compute with DNS, and function like a systematic domain name.

Enhance your visibility and discoverability, and attach with other users in this eco-system.

Inducement 100x Twitter Consultation

Boost your Twitter espousal with its balanced inducement, fulfilling content, and botless experience.

Combination of Polygon Blockchain

Build 1 blockchain for mass acquiring; this tool offers unequalled speed, security, and scalability, confirming a seamless and definite Twitter Web3 experience.

Compute with Opera, Chrome, and Brave

 The extension on Chrome, Brave, and Opera browsers; is installed with added browser assistance in the channel. 

Hundrex: Web3 Twitter technologies stack

Five technologists that Hundrex has built. Hundrex uses products like Product Hunt, Google, NEXT.JS, and Google Fonts.

How to install Hundrx

Chrome browser extension Install in Twitter extensions for the Web3 layer and social tokens attribute; follow the directions below:


 Firstly, Install the Chrome Browser Extension

Open Google browser 

Visit Google Chrome Web Store

 Page click Extension on the Add Chrome button.

Confirmation Dialogue open. Click on Extension and Install.

Step 2

Visit Twitter.com to mark Web3 Layer and Social Tokens

Open a new tab in your Chrome browser.

Address bar, write “twitter.com,” and then press Enter.

Load Twitter’s website, and you will see the intimate Twitter interface.

The Layer of Web3 for Twitter and social tokens attribute is available; explore the Twitter website.

Application controlled you confront power attributes like making social tokens, Social capital on each profile, or other Web3-related interconnection.


How much cost?

You can use Hudrx automatically or take full advantage of its features with the pro program($33.33/month), totaling $ 400 annually.
Pricing Sample:
Premium Plan:
 Pay Monthly
 Pay Yearly(get $ 4 month free)


Unclick the perspective of your Twitter extensions account with the power of Web3 and social tokens.

A new world of social tokens, natural marketing, and crypto-specified applications on Twitter interchange with it, designed for influencers, brands, and looking individuals to raise their existence in the digital space.

Today this Chrome extension Installs and changes how you interchange, snatch, and assist on Twitter. Increase the world’s first third-party Extension for Twitter figure tokenization.

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