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HeyHaddock Categories of Destination

There are different categories of destinations:

  • Trending Destinations.
  • Cultural hotspot.
  • Best food destination.
  • Best beaches and coastal tours

You can select one or more destinations as per your plan.


The features of this tool

easy for you to find the best destination.

find the most attractive and hidden wonders of the World. 

select one or more destinations as per your plan.


Then it is your choice where you want to go. This tool makes it easy for you to find the best destination.

After you select the city, you must confirm your arrival and dispatcher dates.

There is an option called “Add City,” by which you can select one or more cities to make your tour more exciting.

You can select one or more cities as per your plan.

After selecting the cities and dates, click on the “Let’s go” button, which is located under the Add City option.

Travel Flavour

Then, the tool asks us some questions to make your trip more exciting :

Kind of Trip

The first thing you have to tell him about is what type of trip you want to plan.

There are so many options for you to select your trip flavour. There are some options, such as:

  • Solo traveller.
  • Friends Trips.
  • Business tours.
  • Family Trips.
  • And many more.

The next thing is that you want a relaxed trip or an adventurous trip.


Now, talk about spending money. Spending money is all up to you. This tool gives you three options for spending money on your trip.

  • Normal.
  • Standard.
  • Luxury

MAKE YOUR Travel Plan

TOOL NAMEHeyhaddock
LAST UPDATE12/01/2024


Now, what types of places do you want to visit?

Every person has their flavour for their visit. There are some types:

  • Museum
  • Historical places.
  • Hiking & nature.
  • Adventure & thrill.
  • Shopping.
  • Local food.

It provides you with a large variety of places to enjoy your vacations. By which you can select different options or more than one option according to your taste.

What is Hey-Haddock?

It is an AI tool that helps you locate and plan your family tours and friends’ trips.
Sometimes, it becomes difficult to plan group trips and tours, but now, this tool helps you in several ways to make your trip planning easy.
You can talk in simple language with tripnotes to generate a plan.
it also helps you to find the most attractive and hidden wonders of the World. 
It also recommends the quality of food.
It makes it easy for people to generate trips on their budget.
To use these tools, first, you sign In to your account.
Then, you have to select the destination for your tour.



Now the main thing which everyone wants to know about is food. If you are a foodie person, then It is the best option for you. What do you like to eat?

You can select different options for exploring the food variety to taste the delicious and yummy food. There are some options for you to make yourself happy:

  • If you are a veg person, then you should select vegetarian.
  • Street food is also the best option to explore the quality of food.
  • Cafes and coffee shops are the main thing for luxury trips.
  • Sweet desserts are best for foodie persons.
  • Breakfast & brunch.
  • And many more.

After selecting all the things, Click on the Create trip button below.

Heyhaddock creates the trip as per your requirement. It provides trending cafes and local restaurants according to your taste and provides a list of the most attractive destinations near your location.

It takes some seconds to create your trips. Then, please wait for a while to complete it.

Result Of Hey-Haddock

 After creating the trips, the following things are given to you:

  • First, it planned some places for you according to your days or places. For if you selected a trip for 3 days and selected historical places or some other, then it planned these places according to your days.
  • We can also see cafe bars and Brunch spots near your destination.
  • We also find a viewing point near you.

It is all the method of this tool to create your tour plan. You make an unforgettable trip with this tool. 

My Trips

After creating your trip, there is an option of My Trips, by which you can see your coming trips and outgoing trips. You can also find your active or going trips from this option. And create more trips like that.

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