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New Releases of the Bito AI tool

Sign-up is required to use the BitoAI tool. The user can’t use the tool and editing and customization options of the versions of this AI tool.

bito ai tool

Features of this tool


Share across all creation and customizing marketing

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Bito AI Tool Design

This version provides a range of designing techniques and various components for the creation and customization of apps, landing, websites, NFTs, blogs, dashboards, and widgets.

This release of the bit-AI tool helps the creator to create an advanced website with the help of various pre-made images and templates.

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It provides a range of natural and flexible templates, and Zyro website builders can be customized to the user’s needs.

How to use the Bito-AI Tool?

A minimum of 100 words should be used to get better results.

  • Click the Use Bito option from the dashboard.
  • Choose the option from the What Do You Want To Build? Like websites, blogs, apps, NFTs, dashboards and widgets.
  • Write details about your project in the Describe Your Project box like what type of website or landing you want to build.
  • Choose a Color for your project. This option provides a variety of colors like white, black, red, orange, yellow and green. You can select any of the 2 color combinations from the list.
  • Choose the Theme for the layout of your project. It helps to select the Theme of the project by providing various options like modern, plain, abstract, and sleek.
  • Next, enter your Email at the last in the email box.
  • Lastly, click the Generate option.
bito ai tool

Bito Tool


create multiple customizations

BASS animations

This BASS animation version allows the user to add animations to convert the project into an attractive creation.

It also helps the creator to edit and customize the websites, blogs, apps, NFTs, and dashboards. It helps the user edit the background, choose layouts, design the front layout of the project, and customize the text details of the websites.

This version provides a variety of color variations, background image designs, text styles, and editing options so that the user can create the animation of any project according to their demands.

How to use BASS?

  • From the dashboard, click the BASS: Bito Amination Station.
  • Next, click the Background option for customization of the background image of the project, which includes a range of colored background images.
  • Click the Layout option to manage the layout, position, and details of the text on the project.
  • Click the Design Panel option to edit and customize the text, font, and border details of the project.

Features OR characteristics of Bito AI Tool

Create NFTs

This AI tool helps to create non-fungible tokens(NFTs) with ease.

This tool provides a feature of DiFunkt that helps to simplify the process of creation of NFTs like building, testing, deploying, and managing the NFTs designs.

BitoAI Singularity

BitoAI Singularity helps to customize the creation process of projects with advancements in coding languages.

This feature does not require the advanced or prior coding language of the user. It helps the users convert the custom project designs into code with the help of Next.js and React Framework.

BitoAI Neutrino

As the world of designing and customization evolves, BitoAI Neutrino provides a perfect solution for designing and converting your project into attractive content.

It provides a range of flexible, natural, and customizable options that can be edited according to the user’s demands.

BitoAI Core

BitoAI Core helps the user manage the roadmap for the creation and maintenance of the websites.


TOOL NAMEBito tool

cost and subscription plan of BitoAI

BitoAI tool comes with 2 different subscription plans.

Lifetime Basic Plan


✔️ ️For LIFE with 1-time payment!

✔️Lifetime access to all current features

✔️Includes all future updates

✔️Unlimited animation generation

✔️Unlimited stat generation

✔️25 design renders per month on Bito Instant (SD and HD)

✔️Early access to Bito Neurtion, Segmentation, Singularity, etc

✔️Private Discord to request new Features from the dev team

Lifetime Premium Plan


✔️ For LIFE with 1-time payment!

✔️Lifetime access to all current features

✔️Includes all future updates

✔️Unlimited animation generation

✔️Unlimited stat generation

✔️50 design renders per month on Bito Instant (SD and HD)

✔️Early access to Bito Neurtion, Segmentation, Singularity, etc

✔️Private Discord to request new Features from the dev team


4 star rating
4 star rating
4 star rating
4 star rating
It provides easy steps to create and edit the project and helps to create the website, apps, landing page, dashboards, and widgets in an organized and simple way.


What is a Bito AI tool?

This tool is a highly advanced designing and coding tool that is designed to create and design websites and animations.
It helps the users to edit and design websites, designs, apps, NFTs, Blogs, dashboards, and widgets.
This advanced AI tool is designed with coding languages like coding websites, coding apps, coding apps, coding NFTs, coding blogs, and coding dashboards as well. There are two latest versions of this AI tool.

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