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Birdy | Best AI Social Media Tool And Optimize Twitter Follower 2024


What is birdy?

Optimize the Birdy tool to help your Twitter profile with frequent converted A/B testing. Grow two varieties of your Twitter profile; it allows you to run the push button A/B test and tells you which best executes and Followr

it controls which one transforms more visitors into companions.


Features of this tool

frequent converted A/B testing

monitor all your accounts in one place

it is so easy to use with few steps.


  • Optimization Tool
  • For Websites
  • A/B Testing

Use cases

  1. Track accounts: you can easily monitor all your accounts in one place.
  2. Set goals: Set budgeting goals and create automatic saving plans to stay on track.
  3. Manage spending: Compare spending across different categories and receive a detailed breakdown of your transactions.

Tags tech stack of this tool

Five technologists that the tool is built. it uses products like Product Hunt, Google Fonts, Svelte, Paddle, and Google Tag.


  • The Twitter profile moves as a gateway for prospective followers.
  • this is used to increase your profile and affiance: Transform more visitors into followers.

Clicks website

Attaching the UTM tab to the links in your bio can provide valuable awareness of which profile erosion drives the most traffic to your site.

Use A/B testing

  • A/B testing to make an educated resolve about your Twitter profile.
  • Test multiple profile components on a single component at once to see how it impacts your profile’s efficacy.
  • Check your Bio, Location, Website, Poster, Profile Picture, and Name to produce the guesswork when optimizing your profile.

Who is it for

Social media manager and anyone who would like to have more Twitter followers.

 A/B testing

this tool uses a technique called “switch-back testing.”Rather than buckling a profile tourist to experiment A or B, it rotates between “treatment” and “control” periodically.

Do I require multiple accounts?

No, this tool works with a single report. It utilizes the Twitter API to renovate your profile with your updated category.


Pinned tweet: Can I test

Unfortunately, it cannot perform A/B tests on pinned tweets as the Twitter API cannot renovate them.

How much cost

You can use this tool automatically or fully utilize the pro program($10/month).



  • profile A/B testing
  • Run tests
  • Test your bio
  • Remix with your Bioone, click AI
  • Update your profile every two hours
  • Max test time period:1 Month
bird pri

Start with A/B Testing your Profile



  • Cancel anytime
  • Test banner
  • Test profile picture
  • Test name
  • Test location
  • Test website
  • Improve profile every hour
  • Max test timeperiod:4 Months

         A/B Testing Start your Profile

In Conclusion

It is an ideal tool to help the customer obtain more Twitter followers and optimize the followers more quickly than ever.

The power-packed production of a top-rated social media tool turns informal visitors into loyal companions in report time!


How does it work

The tool A/B testing program automatically tests two different Twitter profiles to detect attracts the most users. Automatically, shows you real-time statistics on the two profiles being tested, such as the number of companies and changing rate. Also, you can set UTM tags in the links in your bio so you know which kind of profile guide to use in a few clicks.
How to Create two profile designs (A & B) on this tool. You can use your existing profile as version A and make a little moderation to generate type B.
Firstly, Click on “Start”.
it will rotate between your two kinds, update your profile regularly, and provide real-time show reports.

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