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Bertha ai | Best AI-Powered Website Content Creator AI Tool 2024

bertha ai

An AI-powered tool that permits users to create attractive content and convert it inside WordPress.

What is Bertha Ai?

Bertha AI is an AI-powered AI-powered tool that permits users to create attractive content and convert it inside WordPress.

Bertha.ai creates website content with text and images, which are 15 times faster than regular processes.

It allows user conversation options by which users can ask questions to find answers and offers a search image option.

Bertha.ai helps e-commerce shops by providing them with product details and updates. 10 web

This tool offers several languages and works with several templates.

Is bertha.ai free?

Bertha.ai is a paid tool with a free trial. They have special pricing plans with diverse functions, depending on your wishes and the dimensions of your team. Pricing fashions for such offerings can be exchanged over time.
Remember that while some features may be available during the trial period, access to advanced features and higher usage limits often require a paid subscription.

Features of Bertha.AI

Bertha-AI offers a variety of features. Some of the features are discussed below:

Artificial Intelligence

  • Bertha-ai helps you save time.
  • It creates a variety of content for the user.


This tool integrates with WordPress, allowing the user to create content within the website dashboard.

Image creation

With the help of AI intelligence, it generates images for you according to your website in a while.

bertha ai

Product descriptions

According to the products, Bertha.ai provides you with a textual description or ideas for the description.

Blog post

Using Bertha, you can generate your next blog submission in minutes rather than hours and retain enticing, attractive, and changing content.

Chrome extension

it also comes with a Chrome extension. Using the Bertha.ai Chrome extension, you can experience this tool on any website.

Why is Bertha-Ai different from other tools?

It not only works for bloggers and content writers, but it is also helpful for companies, e-commerce websites, and many others. They use Bertha.AI to create descriptions of the products, images, and many more. The content, which takes hours to create, now generates in a few minutes with the help of Bertha-AI.

Can Bertha.Ai be used to generate images?

Yes, with the help of artificial intelligence, Bertha.AI creates images for you according to your requirements. It creates the images in various styles and patterns.

Use cases

Use cases for several professions:

  • Bloggers use it to write articles and save time.
  • Content creators generate content.
  • Web developers develop content for their clients.

Pricing plans

One price for all

  • Monthly cost: $20 
  • Free trial
  • 7-day money-back guarantee.
  • 100,000,000 Words in a Month.
  • Connection with a Chrome extension.
bertha ai

Pay as you go

  • $15 for 100 images 
  • Purchase images as per your requirement.

Note that if you want to buy pay-as-you-go packages, you must buy a free or premium account. 

bertha ai pricing
March 5, 2024

special pricing plans with diverse functions,best feature.