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What is an AdCreatives?

Ad Creatives is an AI Marketing tool. AD Creatives is an AI-powered tool that helps to generate highly attractive ads.
It is one of the greatest ad-generating tools for creating amazing professional, highly converting rates ads and trying to target more and more clients, boost your business, and mark your brand as an Elai io which is a highly marked tool


Features of this tool

ad-generating tools for creating amazing professional ads

create your brand profile to leverage your brand’s social outlet.

boat your social media accounts.

How to Get Sign Up at AdCreatives?

  • First, Open the URL
  • Click on the Register option in the uppermost column.
  • Enter your Full Name, Email, and Password on the next slide.
  • Enter your Password again for confirmation.
  • Next, you will receive a Confirmation Email.
  • Then, click on the Confirmation link of your email and verify that you’re human.

That’s it!

You are ready to set up your profile and can start generating exciting and interesting ads.


Some Features of Ad Creatives 

It offers some amazing features, from creating your brand profile to leveraging your brand’s social outlet.

  • It offers you a free offer to Generate AD Creatives. 
  • Connect your Social Platforms.
  • Create a Brand.
  • Create a Project.
  •  You may Download projects on mobile or desktop.
  • Through AdCreatives, you can Upload projects into different platforms.

How to Connect Social Platforms?

Select the Platform Integrations option from the features column.

You can connect different platforms such as;

  • Google account.
  • Pinterest account.
  • Meta account.
  • Linkedin account. 
  • Microsoft & Others.

Create Attractive ADS

LAST UPDATE10/01/2024

How to Create a Brand?

Select the Create a Brand from your profile settings.

  • Enter your Brand Name. 
  • Create your Brand Logo, or you may upload a document.
  • Select the Brand Logo color from the list below.
  • Enter the Brand Description.
  • Select the Brand Type from the list below.

How to Create a Project?

Select the Create a Project option from the profile settings. You will create a project in 3 steps;

Step 1: Format

  • Select Social Media Sizes (landscape size, story size, etc.).
  • Select Display Size (leaderboard size, medium banner, etc.).
  • Enter the Project Description.
  • Enter the Target Audience related to your project.
  • Select the Save & Continue.

Step 2: Content 

  • Enter the Headline of your project.
  • Enter the Punchline of your project.
  • Enter the Call to Action.
  • Select the Save & Continue.

Step 3: Image

  • Select Single Background Image ‘or.’
  • You may select
  • Multiple Background Image.


It is an AI-generated marketing tool that can create exciting and amazing ads for different platforms like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Meta, and YouTube ads.


4 star rating
4 star rating
4 star rating
4 star rating
It is one of the greatest ad-generating tools for creating amazing professional, highly converting rate ads I have ever used.

This tool can influence a highly effective response to your business and ad conversion rates. 

Let’s sign in to this tool and start creating amazing social media ads and boat your social media accounts.

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