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Your Ultimate AI-Powered Writing and Editing Companion

Smodin-io is a website that allows you to compose and modify text using intelligent computer systems.

smodin io

Smodin io


Smodin io Pte Ltd

online tutor that can help with essay writing, assignments, academics, and much more.

You can test it out for free every day with three credits. These credits can be applied to several writing and editing programs.

Most popular Smodin tools

Smodin Author

Using AI and HIX AI can help you produce articles in as little as five words.

Smodin Rewriter

You can edit or rewrite any text with the aid of this tool. It corrects grammatical errors and speeds up and simplifies reading.

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Smodin Plagiarism Checker

It assists you in adding the proper citations and determines whether any of your content has been plagiarized.

Other tools are available for routine tasks like word replacement in text.


Smodin Rewriter quickly and accurately rewrites text using cutting-edge technology.

These programs interpret the meaning of the text and provide you with an alternative version of the same message.

Smodin helps you include the right references and performs plagiarism checks to ensure that your work is unique.

smodin io

Features of this tool

The smodin io tool provides free writing, rewriting, and plagiarism-checking features.

It helps to create the best, authentic results. This is a multilingual support, that can assist in 30+ languages.

It can provide a combination of Google & ChatGPT. It can also modify PDF files.

You can write expert documents, articles, essays, and research papers with the aid of the Smodin AI Writing Tool. Books, notes, sections, word changes, and even new ideas can all be created with Smodin.

Smodin Omni is a useful tool for academic writing that provides answers to a variety of topics using strong artificial intelligence and trustworthy sources.

The thorough feedback provided by the Smodin AI grader can help you write better essays.

They also correct any grammar errors.

The grammar checker on Smodin can examine a variety of material categories, including essays, letters, legal documents, and blogs.

It is fast and precise and functions in a variety of languages.

It is available in more than 30 languages.

Many languages can have their texts summarized using Smodin Summarizer.

Smodin provides a tool for translating text into various languages.

More than a thousand styles of references and citations can be generated with Smodin Citation Generator.

Google and ChatGPT are combined by Smodin’s AI chat assistant to deliver the most recent information.

It may also be used to modify PowerPoint slides and is multilingual.

Smodin can distinguish between texts created by AI and those authored by humans.

Videos and audiobooks can be translated into the language of your choice with Smodin’s real-time subtitle translator.

Additionally, Smodin offers a tool that uses character recognition to extract text from PDFs and photos.


Smokin is a useful tool for a wide range of individuals, including researchers, authors, students, and more.


TOOL NAMESmodin io

Here are a few real-world applications for Smodin:


Students can build study materials for a variety of courses, including biology, geography, finance, and history, using Smodin.

Content writers and freelancers

With Smodin, content writers may produce unique writing that is free of plagiarism and follows a logical structure.

Scholarly Researchers

Scholars can use it to create citations and references for their scholarly work.

Social Media Managers

Those in charge of social media can use it to create posts and adverts for marketing initiatives.

Academic Research and Thesis Writing

It enables researchers to work considerably more quickly on their research projects and academic papers.

Emails and Sales Copy

It can be used to create emails and sales copy that are compelling enough to turn readers into buyers.


To reach a wider audience, YouTubers can utilize Smodin to translate the subtitles for their videos into more than 100 languages.


It allows users to translate TV series, movies, lectures, seminars, and news subtitles into the language of their choice.

Businesses, Teachers, and Professional Writers

They can verify that their work is unique and not plagiarized by using Smodin’s AI Content detection tool.

Speech-to-Text and Text-to-Speech Conversion

Smodin-io helps businesses, educators, bloggers, and students by converting text to speech and vice versa.

Words written down can become uttered, and vice versa.

Pricing Plans

Smodin offers two different plan types, premium and free.

The amount of time you can spend using the writing tools is limited under each of these programs.

Restricted Scheme (Optimal for Novices)

Every day, you receive three credits.

You have a daily word count limit of 300.

 At most, you may write two essays, one article, and one research paper.


4 star rating
4 star rating
4 star rating
4 star rating
This virtual assistant is best for intellectuals, students, and any academic person. This tool helps to create the best quality, perfect grammar, and completely related descriptions to your topic. I had the best experience of essay writing here.

Essentials Plan ( Monthly Cost: $10 )

Each day, you are credited with 100.

Up to 20,000 words may be written per month.

You can use as many terms as you’d like to check for plagiarism.

Three research papers, nine articles, and five essays are all possible.

You have up to 12,000 words to rewrite.

Productivity Plan (Monthly Cost: $29 )

Every day, you are credited with 500.

Up to 100,000 words may be written in a single month.

You can use as many terms as you’d like to check for plagiarism.

Up to 17 essays, 30 articles, and 15 research papers may be written.

You have an infinite amount of words to rewrite.


What are the Advantages of Smodin io?

Boost Your Study
Our AI-powered tools will help you conduct research more quickly and easily while providing accurate and comprehensive results.
Inspire Originality
Say thank you to artistic blockages and welcome to efficiency. Obtain new and creative concepts for your tasks.
Extensive Responses
With just one click, find detailed explanations for any questions you may have.
Addresses All Topics
Whether it’s biology, chemistry, history, or any other subject, our AI can deliver informed replies.
Rapid Response
Get thorough input on how to make any writing essay, argument, or other text better.
Employ Trusted Sources
With only one click, create references and citations in APA or MLA formats. Adding them to your work is simple.
Organized Text
Obtain carefully worded materials that will successfully communicate your point.
Expertise in Quality
Produce a wide range of documents with a high degree of professionalism, including research papers and cover letters.
10x Quicker Typing
Create text on the fly for any topic customized to your specifications.
Non-Plagiarism Text
Use our plagiarism detectors for further assurance that our AI-generated content is free of plagiarism.


A variety of users, including academics, professionals, and students, as well as content creators, can benefit from the suite of AI-powered writing and editing tools provided by Smodin-io.

Smoking makes writing easier with tools like instant article creation, text editing, plagiarism detection, and more.

Smodin-io is accessible to people with varying needs because of its flexible pricing options, and it is a useful tool for increasing creativity and productivity across a range of industries.

Smodin-io can help you with any writing improvement, content creation, or research streamlining.

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