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What is a framer AI tool?

The Framer AI is an AI website builder tool that has a simple and easy-to-use interphase that helps to create, edit, and showcase business sites.

This website builder tool provides a variety of pre-made images to get professional ideas and customization options to get the websites according to the user’s demand.

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This tool provides a range of Free Website templates and portfolio ideas. It also provides a Free Subscription plan, which offers some special offers.

This AI tool provides flexible and customizable designing and layout options, creates sites with AI and coding language, helps to manage the websites professionally, does SEO optimization of the sites, and Zyro website builder helps to make a strong structure of the websites and make a professional website.


Frammer AI


Frammer Pte Ltd

generate professional website within minutes

This AI website tool supports custom domains and custom billing of the generated websites. It can also be connected to websites with custom domains.

 This tool helps to create websites with advanced AI components and coding language without having the prior or advanced computer and coding language.

Is there any free feature of the framer?

Yes, this tool provides a variety of Free Website Templates and portfolio ideas, and it also provides a Free Subscription plan, which offers some special offers.

Free Plan

  • $0 / Month.
  • Hobby Projects
  • Design Editor
  • Banner

Features of this tool 

The AI website tool provides some special features.


Features of this tool

This tool can generate the perfect websites and provides a range of templates and designs.

It provides an automatic CMS system that controls customer responses and queries.

It helps the users to generate, customize, and publish directly after creating any website.

Create with AI technology.

This AI tool helps to create websites with the advancements in computer and coding languages.

But this tool does not require the user of a high and advanced computer or coding language. 

Manage Sites

This website builder tool helps in site management. It helps to localize the content of the website. This tool helps to tailor the website to different languages and regions.

Design and Layout

This AI tool provides a variety of flexible, natural, and customizable features and design options that can be customized or edited according to the needs of the user or website developer.

Figma Ideas

This tool creates and customizes the website with the Figma components, which helps to create, edit, and share the website content with social platforms.


This tool helps to link the different pages of the website with some clicks.

This feature helps to create video players, navigation bars, and dialog. It helps to redirect the traffic of the old site to the new URL.

It helps to structure the website professionally.

Frammer AI provides a unique set of features



It helps to control customers’ responses by managing the client’s emails, inquiries, and responses.

It helps to create a professional website by controlling the blog posts and job listings and managing your event schedules.

It can also automatically respond to the customer’s emails concerning the previous emails.

Publish website

This AI tool not only helps to create and customize the sites but also allows the publishing of the website content along with the custom domains and customization of the user’s needs.

The user has to paste the website components into the project and save them in a folder so users can share this file very efficiently. 

How much does it cost?

This website tool provides several subscription plans with different offers.


4 star rating
4 star rating
4 star rating
4 star rating
This is the best AI tool for users having no coding or advanced skills. The framar AI can generate perfect websites in minutes according to your choices and profession.

Free Plan

  • $0 / Month.
  • Hobby Projects
  • Design Editor
  • Banner

Mini Plan 

  • $5 / Month.
  • Landing Pages
  • Home + 404
  • Custom Domain
  • 1k Visitors

Basic Plan

  • $15 / Month.
  • Personal Sites
  • Unlimited Pages
  • Password Protect
  • 1 CMS Collection
  • 10 Page Search
  • 10k Visitors

Pro Plan

  • $30 / Month.
  • For Bigger Sites
  • Analytics
  • Staging
  • 1 Translation Locale
  • 500 Translations
  • 10 CMS Collections
  • 300 Page Search
  • 200k Visitors

Team Plans 

This website builder tool also provides 2 team plans, which offer a variety of features in each plan.

These subscription plans allow a team to subscribe and help to work on team-based projects and help to grow together professionally.

  • Team Basic Plan: $20 / Month.
  • Team Pro Plan: $40 / Month.

Custom Plan 

This AI tool also provides special customization offers when buying any of the subscription plans as this plan allows customized plans and features and varies in the budget requirement.

This plan is especially for business enterprises.


Does this AI tool support custom domains?

Yes, this website builder supports websites with custom domains. It also enables the user to get custom billing of the generated websites.
It allows the user to connect websites already generated with custom domains and also allows the users to generate a custom domain for the AI website.

Is coding language required?

This AI tool helps create websites with computer and coding language advancements.
But this tool does not require the user of a high and advanced computer or coding language.
This AI tool is a perfect website builder tool for beginner users.

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