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butternut ai

What is a Butternut AI Tool?

Butternut tool is a highly advanced AI tool designed to create a professional website and helps to create a highly functional website that suits your business and brand.

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It helps to create a professional website within seconds without spending hours and days on the creation of a social profile.

This tool helps with the creation and easy customization of the site, which helps to build a professional site that suits the brand. Zero website builder also provides automatic SEO optimization of the website content.

butternut ai

Butternut AI


Butternut Pte Ltd

create professional websites

within minutes

This tool helps to create professional sites with the advancements of advanced computer and coding languages.

Moreover, it does not require the user to use any prior or advanced coding language.

Is there any Free Trial or Free Offer?

Yes, this tool offers a Free Subscription plan that offers a range of free opportunities to create an impactful website. You have to select the option of Start Building.

This Free Subscription Plan provides the various features;

  • Unlimited website generator.
  • Website customization.

Features of Butternut Tool

This tool provides a wide range of features for the development and maintenance of a brand and social website.

These features provide a full range for the creation, customization, and optimization of the business profile.

butternut ai

Features of this tool

The butternut-AI helps to generate professional brand sites that perfectly suit your brand profile.

It not only helps to create a site but also helps in customizing, managing, and optimizing professional sites.

It allows users to generate websites with their custom domains. It also provides full-time support.

Creating website

This tool helps to create a professional website with high AI technology.

It helps to showcase your business products through a professional website to a variety of customers.

It will allow the user to become a website developer in just minutes, not hours and days.

Easy Customization

It provides an easy interface that allows the user to easily customize the site with the requirements of the website developer that will suit your brand.

SEO Optimization

From creating a website, this tool helps to optimize your website content automatically.

This tool helps with the easy customization of the site and helps to build a professional site that suits the brand.

This butternut tool automatically updates the content of the website, and it helps to make the content up-to-date.

Custom Domains

This tool supports creating a professional website with custom domains.

It also allows the user to link a website built with custom domains.

Website Handling

The tool helps to manage a professional or brand site.

It allows the website developer to create and customize the features and website hosting of the brand site.

It provides a range of features for the maintenance of the social website.

Chat Support

The tool provides a feature to chat with the tool representatives that allows the user to customize the features that suit the brand site and user’s requirements.

How to use the Butternut tool?

This AI tool allows a Free Trial opportunity, which offers a free opportunity to create, customize, and publish a professional website. 

AI art free-to-use tool that provides a unique set of features


The free process of trying this tool is as follows;

  • Click the Try For Free option from the front dashboard of the tool.
  • Enter the Business Name and Keywords that match your brand.
  • Click the Submit option, and the sample will appear. Make the customizations of your needs.
  • Select the option of Preview if you want to overview the website sample.
  • Select the Go Live option, which helps the user to publish the professional site within seconds.

How much does Butternut cost?

This tool provides 3 subscription plans that allow a variety of features.

Free Plan

  • $0 / month.
  • Unlimited website generator
  • Website customization


4 star rating
4 star rating
4 star rating
4 star rating
This is the perfect digital assistant for beginners who do not have advanced coding knowledge. This tool can ease the life of a social media marketer and entrepreneurs.

Premium Plan

  • $20 / month.
  • Unlimited website generations
  • Unlimited website editing customization
  • Link custom domain
  • Hosting up to 100 GB
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Premium SEO support
  • Priority Customer Care

Enterprise Plan 

  • Price Custom plan.
  • Custom Integrations
  • Tailored website for your business needs
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free Hosting up to 500 GB
  • Adding custom features on the website
  • Premium SEO support


Is there any coding language required?

No, the butternut-AI tool is built with the advancements of computer or coding language. It automatically generates your professional site with advanced website development components. This butternut-AI tool does not require the user or developer to have an advanced or prior computer and coding language.

Does this tool support Custom Domains?

Yes, this tool supports creating a professional website with custom domains.
It also allows the user to link a website built with custom domains.

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