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REimagine, your Digital Interior Designer

Your AI-powered solution for Sustainable and Smooth Home Changes

With just one click, you can easily create both the inside and outside of your Home using the incredibly simple application known as REimagine Home.




Create imactful with your personalized AI designer at a click

RE imagine Home AI can assist you in achieving your home improvement goals, whether you want to improve the appearance of your living room, lawn, or entire house.

Explore fresh, creative ideas.

Our smart computer program can change the appearance of any space by looking at the building components, determining the type of room it is, determining the type of Design you like, and adhering to the colors and directions you provide, and Zergpt helps to detect AI.

API and Our Technology

Imagine the unique ways we program our AI-powered virtual people of all ages, which are similar to computer characters.

Our method is compatible with webpages, Android phones, and iPhones.

It gives you a lot of control over a variety of interactive and AI technologies.

The first intelligent digital piece of art is using AI as its voice and brain at the Louvre Museum in Paris.

They are collaborating with renowned artist Pindar Van Arman.


Features of this tool

Create impactful designing and decorating ideas and transforms your interior.

Unique and personalized design ideas with some simple clicks.

Provides a free trial to explore the designing ideas of the reimagine tool.


Smart Design: imagine Home makes use of cutting-edge computer technology to analyze the layout of your Home, the spaces inside, and your aesthetic preferences.

Reimagine also pays attention to the colors and patterns you want. Then, it produces designs that are both attractive and functional.

Instant Changes

You may immediately view the changes you make with Re-Imagine Home.

This enables you to test out many concepts and choose the ideal one for your house.

Easy to Use

Even if you’re not an expert decorator, re-imagine Home is easy to use.

Upload a photo of your room, and Reimagine will provide you with a variety of design possibilities.

Many Styles

You can choose from a variety of home styles, including modern, traditional, and original.

There are choices at Imagine Home for every taste.

Outdoor Design

Reimagine can also assist you in creating a beautiful and functional design for the terrace and garden.


Pricing Plans

You can use this tool without spending any money. To use its fundamental features, there are no fees.

You will, however, have to pay a price if you want some unique features. You must pay $10 each month to access these exclusive features. This premium package is available for registration on the Re-imagine Home website.

You can use all the different design styles, create a limitless number of design concepts, and store your designs thanks to these unique capabilities.

Basic Plan

The basic plan is a free plan, that does not cost any charges for exploring and utilizing the advance featutres of the reimagine tool.

The features of the basic plan are;

  • 30 Output Images per month.
  • Surprise me – redesign furnished room
  • Redesign generated images
  • Download upscaled images
  • upto 4x
  • Private storage

Pro Plan

The pro plan costs for $99 per month.

The pro plan provides the various features:

  • 900 output images per month.
  • AI Virtual Staging
  • AI Virtual Renovation
  • AI Space Decluttering
  • AI Exterior Enhancement
  • AI Kitchen Designer

Starter Plan

The starter plan costs for $49 per month.

The extensive features of the starter plan are:

  • 300 output images per month.
  • AI Virtual Staging
  • AI Virtual Renovation
  • AI Space Decluttering
  • AI Exterior Enhancement
  • AI Kitchen Designer


  1. This is how:

AI Control

Visualize a smart house that automatically modifies your thermostat and lighting based on your preferences.

AI can ensure that your home is warm and comfortable when you return from work.


AI is capable of learning your routines and preferences. For instance, it can tell whether you like a space that is brighter in the morning and darker in the evening.

Air Quality

AI can also keep an eye on your Home’s air quality.

It can make adjustments if it notices that the air is becoming stuffy or overly humid so that you always breathe clean, comfortable air.

Optimize Energy Level

AI can analyze how you use energy in your house and identify ways to do it more effectively. It may enable you to pay less for heating and electricity.

Detect problem

AI is also capable of detecting problems like leaks or very energy-hungry appliances. It can notify you of these issues so you can address them right away.

Innovative Technology

RE-Imagine Home also prioritizes the development of fresh technology. For instance, they might create intelligent windows that automatically adapt to block out too much sunshine so you can conserve energy and maintain comfort.

Green your homes: Taking good care of the environment is part of being sustainable. In several ways, Re-imagine Home is dedicated to using AI to make homes more environmentally friendly.


AI may be used to harvest clean energy sources like wind and solar energy.

Your carbon footprint may be decreased if your Home produces its electricity using the sun and wind.

Waste Management

AI can help in waste reduction and recycling.

It can sort and handle garbage more effectively and even provide recommendations for material reuse or recycling.

Innovative eco-tech

The project’s goal is to create cutting-edge eco-tech, such as self-cleaning appliances that use fewer harsh chemicals and materials that can absorb and store damaging carbon dioxide emissions to help fight climate change.


What are the Goals of REimagine?

Home’s mission is to improve daily life by using cutting-edge technology, particularly Artificial Intelligence, to make homes more comfortable. This involves several factors:
Improve Home Efficiency:
Resource management and waste reduction are the key components of efficiency. Reimagined Home seeks to improve the functionality of our homes while using less energy and resources.

Do the reimagine tool offers a free trial for pro plan?

Certainly, the reimagine ai tool provides a free trial for the extensive pro plan. The user can get access the free trial for the first 30 monthly images, but remeber that the user can only get access the free trial the first 7 days after they sign-up.



4 star rating
4 star rating
4 star rating
4 star rating
One of the best and ideal interior designing ai tool. It helps to create beautiful and creative designing ideas and transforms your interiors.

A user-friendly and reasonably priced app, RE-Imagine Home uses cutting-edge AI technology.

All users can access it because of the wide variety of design options and quick alterations it provides.

Beyond aesthetics, RE-Imagine Home has high standards and prioritizes sustainability by using cutting-edge eco-tech solutions to increase home efficiency and comfort.

It’s a step in the direction of a wiser and more environmentally responsible way of living, not just a design tool.

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