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light pdf ai

What is a light-PDF-AI tool?

Light-PDF-AI is an AI tool.

It uses artificial intelligence features and helps you to analyze your documents. Light PDF AI helps you to get the summary of your document and also chat with It by using AI power.

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It helps you to analyze the documents and get help like you are getting help from your teacher or your assistant.

light pdf ai

Light pdf AI


Wants to analyze any pdf file or looking for academic support,

It helps you to search the uploaded documents and to get the searchable PDFs.

It helps you with the Excel app, word app, and PPT app.

It can show you the documents or your content in different formats, such as on a tablet or in markdown format using Zerogpt.

All kinds of tools that are web-based only work on iOS and Android.

Features of the light-PDF-AI tool 

There are the following basic features of the light PDF-AI tool.

light pdf ai

Features of this tool

Provides academic support, analyzes files and view insights.

Support multiple language support and multiple platforms.

Generate accurate results and also provides the sources information.

Analysis of documents

It helps you to analyze your documents deeply and get visual insight and information from your documents, PDF, Word, PPT, and Excel files.

After analyzing your documents from all these app files, they will give you a summary that helps you know what is inside the documents or files, which saves your time and reading effort to know about the files.

It also shows you the result of the document or files in outline form.

Also, it gives you answers to your questions, which means you can chat with your documents.

Extraction of documents

It also can extract data from documents or your files.

It will provide you with the key points or keywords of your documents, so it gives you basic information about the content the files contain.


Its amazing feature summarization will create the summaries for your content, so you do not need to read and search the documents.

You just read the summary, and you will know what kind of content the files contain.

Supported multiple platforms

It helps you to do work on multiple platforms, contain Windows, iOS, Mac, and Android.

So you can use the Amazing AI tool on your device with no restrictions at all.


The chatbot option supports this amazing tool so that you can communicate with your documents, but from where you belong and what your language is; no worries, think about it because this amazing tool supports more than 100 languages so that you can use it easily.


It ensures the security of your documents; when you complete your work, you can leave the website, and after leaving the website, your data is secured. No worries about it.

pdf 2

Modes for answer 

It gives you three basic modes for answering so you can choose anyone for your ease.

It gives you a balanced mode of answer, precise answer mode, and creative answer mode.

Chat history 

It gives you the option of a chatbot with your documents so you can clear your confusion and queries.

Its amazing feature is that it keeps your chat history until you are not removing it.

Your data is end-to-end encrypted.

File size 

This tool is not going to give you the file size limit.

It means you are free of file size limit, no limit of pages, words, and paragraphs.

So now, another amazing feature is that you do not need to sign in or create an account to work on it. 

Generate Accurate Results

This AI tool gives you very accurate, concise, and clear output answers. You can easily understand the answer or output.

It provides you answers in the form of outlines, summaries, and paragraphs, so it is very easily readable.

It also gives you the link for deep information.

User Friendly tool

These are the basic features of the amazing light-pdf-AI tool that are flexible and user-friendly, so now you can work easily, smartly, and quickly.

Pricing Plans

You can use it free of cost, but for more features, you can subscribe to its basic packages.

light pdf pricing

Working of light pdf AI tool

To work on it, you need to follow simple and easy steps:

  • You have just visited the website.
  • Could you open it? 
  • Upload your file or documents. 
  • Or copy and paste your content.
  • When a file is uploaded, it gives you a summary of your content or documents.
  • Then, you can also have an option of a chat box so you can clear your queries.
  • You get answers very quickly due to AI technology in light PDF tools.
  • It also gives you links for deep information so you can also visit the main site.

Uses of tool

There are the following users of this tool.

Analyze Your PDF Files or Documents



Students are the bug users of this light PDF-AI tool.

It helps them to understand and check the academic work, articles, papers, and other assignment documents.


Teachers are also helpful in preparing the lectures and adding new and innovative things to lectures.


Analysis is best for those who want data analysis such as reports, Files, and documents related to business and other institutes. It’s the best way of quick analysis and insight that saves time and effort and also gives you the best visual insight experience.


Marketers are also great users of this AI tool for making plans for growing the business and meetings, for manual proofreading, and for document analysis within a limited time.


As compared to other amazing tools, it is also the best one in its working.

It helps you to analyze the documents effectively without any limitations.

It helps you to provide different formats, and it’s helpful for teachers, students, business people, marketers, and document analysis interested people.

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