What is Quillbot?

QuillBot is a tool that helps with writing by using artificial intelligence.

It started as a way to rephrase text to make it sound better.

It now offers more features like checking for grammar mistakes and plagiarism, summarizing text, and even generating citations.

You can use this for various types of writing, including academic papers, blogs, and proofreading.

It helps make your writing better by suggesting improvements and can make your sentences more structured.


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It is a helpful AI tool for writing.

Its main job is to rephrase your writing, making it sound different in terms of tone, like changing it from casual to professional.

It’s not just about swapping words mechanically; it understands your text like a human and provides better alternatives.

Since it started in 2017, the quill bot has become very popular and even partnered with Course Hero, a big educational company.

They have a talented team of engineers and language experts.

Quiltbot offers various writing tools and extensions.

It’s trusted by over 150 million users worldwide.

One of its key features is the Paraphraser, which can take your original writing and rephrase it with a single click.




Helps to paraphrase, rewrite, and check the grammar mistakes

It is super useful when you want to use someone else’s information but need to make it sound fresh and different.

I’ve tested Quilbolt extensively and will share my results and thoughts on how it compares to other AI writing tools.

I’ll also discuss the concept of rephrasing or paraphrasing in general.

Is It free to use?

This tool’s basic version is free, but it also has a premium version that costs money and has many more capabilities.

$20 a month is the cost.

It’s crucial to remember that Quillbolt can only assist you in writing better; it is not intended for plagiarism, particularly in academic settings where work has been copied and passed off as original.

QuillBot’s Free Tier

  • Quillbot.com offers a free tier, but it’s primarily meant for testing and limited in its usage.
  • In the free version, you can paraphrase or rephrase up to 125 words of text.
  • Qillbot is a useful option if you have short pieces of text that you want to rephrase.


  • If you’re looking for a paraphrasing tool with no word limit, there’s an alternative called QuillTools.
  • With QuillTools, a free paraphrase tool, you may reword text without worrying about word count limitations.
  • If you like to paraphrase larger text passages, this is a wonderful option.

In summary, while the Quil bot free tier is limited to 125 words, you can use QuillTools as an alternative if you need to rephrase longer pieces of text without any restrictions.



It has some cool key features. The features are given below:

Chrome extension

Quiltbolt has an extension for Google Chrome.

It means it can work with any online text editor.

It checks your writing and helps you fix mistakes in real time.

Free trial

Killbot.com is available for a free trial, and using it doesn’t even require creating an account.

In this manner, you can observe its operation and determine its suitability.




Rewriting modes

Quill Bot has different ways to rewrite your text.

It can give your writing a formal, conversational, or even humorous tone.

You can experiment with these many modes to determine which one you prefer.

Powerful AI 

It uses a smart AI model to predict how your text should be rewritten.

It doesn’t just replace words like a robot. Instead, it understands your writing and rewrites it like a real human would.

Quillbo makes the text better and more natural.

Paraphrasing Modes

In this AI tool, seven paraphrasing modes change the way it rephrases text:

  • Standard: Basic paraphrasing mode available for all users.
  • Formal: Makes text sound more professional and business-like.
  • Fluency: Not very clear, but it’s similar to formal mode.
  • Simple: For plain and straightforward language.
  • Creative: Adds creativity and innovation to the text.
  • Expand: Makes the text longer by elaborating.
  • Shorten Condenses long text while keeping the main information.

You can choose one of these methods based on how you would like your material to be rephrased.

For example, you can write in a more formal tone by using the “Formal” style, or you can use the “Shorten” option to create a shorter paragraph that has the same information.

The “Standard” option is available in the free version.

However, access to all modes is available in the subscription plan.

Key features

Certainly, here’s a detailed explanation of Quilboot’s key features.


Features of this tool

It is the free ai content generation tool that allows to create impactful content for free.

Helps to paraphrase, rewrite, summarize and translate the content.

Can also check the grammar mistakes and plagiarism and make the corrections according.


 This feature is at the core of Quibot.

It changes the meaning of a paragraph without changing its overall tone.

Select from a variety of rewriting techniques and use it for free for up to 125 words. 

Grammar Checker

Like Grammarly, this tool checks your text for grammar, resumidor de articulos, spelling, and punctuation errors.

As you type, the quilt highlights errors and offers suggestions for correction.

Plagiarism Checker

This feature is for Premium users.

It checks your text for any similarities with existing content.

It’s compatible with various file types and generates a detailed report.


This tool combines all of the quilt features in one place.

You can type directly or upload an existing document, making it a versatile and efficient tool for writers.


The Summarizer helps condense lengthy text into key points.

The quilt bot offers options for summarizing content in bullet points or paragraph form.

Citation Generator

 Qilibot assists in generating citations in various styles, such as APA and MLA, for different types of content like webpages, journal articles, books, and more.

You can organize and arrange your citations conveniently.


You can translate text across languages using Quilbott’s free translation tool.

Up to 5,000 characters can be translated at once, and it provides accurate translation for a wide range of languages.

Quilibot is a flexible and effective writing tool that may help bloggers, students, authors, and anybody else wishing to produce material or enhance their writing.

 Numerous elements are available without charge and have the potential to enhance both the effectiveness and caliber of writing assignments.

How Does QuillBot’s AI Work? 

  • Quilt AI is powered by machine learning from large datasets. These datasets contain information about grammar, spelling, punctuation, writing tone, sentence structure, and readability.
  • The AI learns from these datasets, accumulating knowledge over time. It understands the context of your text and provides suggestions based on its learning.
  • If users consistently ignore a particular suggestion, the AI adapts to offer more relevant alternatives in the future.

In a nutshell, It offers an easy-to-use online platform with various tools to help you enhance your writing by identifying and fixing issues in your content, and It continuously improves its suggestions based on user interactions.



  • Version for free (no registration needed)
  • very user-friendly
  • Delivers excellent outcomes with a short turnaround time
  • Bot integration for Discord
  • Google Docs extension, Microsoft Word extension, Chrome extension, and Desktop software for Mac (Early access)
  • in twenty-three languages
  • A lot of documentation
  • Mode: Light/Dark


  • Not using AI to detect content
  • The free edition has a very low word limit and very few features.
  • Plagiarism Checker only for Premium subscribers
  • Pages that are not used for plagiarism detection do not roll over.
  • Not a mobile application
  • No Access to API, only a three-day money-back guarantee


Certainly, here are the advantages of this tool:

Help with Rewriting

  • Quilboat helps you rephrase and rewrite text to avoid plagiarism and come up with different wording.

Improving Language

  • Quill bott checks grammar and suggests better words to make your writing easier to read and more understandable.

Time Saver

  • Quillbpt saves you time by quickly creating rewritten content, summaries, and citations.

Easy to Use

  • Qilbot is very simple and easy to use. Anyone can use it freely without any problem, without any writing skills, etc.


Accuracy Limits

  • It can create accurate rephrased text, but it might not always capture the exact meaning. You may need to review and edit the results.

Contextual Challenges

  • It may struggle with subtle details, leading to less precise, rephrased text.

Limited Expertise

  • Its rephrasing might not be specialized in specific industries because it uses a broad language pattern of resumidor de textos de historia.

Internet Dependency

  • quillbot.com español needs a stable internet connection to work. It could be a problem in places with poor or no internet access.

Pricing Plans

It offers both free and premium plans for large texts online. Here’s a breakdown of what each plan includes:

Free Plan

  • Paraphrase: You can rephrase up to 125 words.
  • Modes: You can use the “Standard” and “Fluency” paraphrasing modes.
  • Synonym Slider: Limited use of the Synonym Slider.
  • Other Features: You get some features like “Freeze Word,” Summarizer with 1,200 words, “Recommended Rewrites,” and access to “Compare Modes.”
  • Plagiarism Checker: Limited to 20 pages per month.
  • Tone Insights: Yes.
  • Paraphrase History: Yes.
  • Payment: No credit card is required for the free plan.

Premium Plan

  • Paraphrase: Unlimited word limit for paraphrasing.
  • Modes: Access to all eight predefined modes plus custom modes.
  • Synonym Slider: Full use of the Synonym Slider.
  • Freeze Words: Unlimited Freeze Words.
  • Summarizer: 6,000 words for summarizing.
  • Other Features: Custom instructions for unique summaries, faster processing speed, “Recommended Rewrites,” “Compare Modes,” and “Plagiarism Checker” with 20 pages per month.
  • Tone Insights: Yes.
  • Paraphrase History: Yes.
  • Guarantee: A 3-day money-back guarantee is available.


4 star rating
4 star rating
4 star rating
4 star rating
Highly recommended. It helps to paraphrase and rewrite the content in a very unique and fastest way and generate plagiarism-free content.

The premium plan offers more flexibility and unlimited access to various features for a subscription fee.


Why should You use This Tool?

It is an excellent tool for individuals who enjoy writing as a hobby and wish to write more effectively and quickly.
Students, instructors, essay writers, researchers, copywriters, bloggers, and anyone else who writes can all benefit from it.
Quillboot is the right tool if you need to rewrite something rapidly and accurately.
Regardless of the purpose of your writing, It can help you achieve your goals.

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