What is Namelix?

Name lix, powered by, is a helpful tool for new businesses.

You can enter keywords, and it will suggest various names based on AI variations of those words. The special thing about Spacelogo is that it gives you short and catchy names.

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You can also use filters to refine the suggestions, like prioritizing short names or checking domain availability.

Name lix tool works for businesses of all sizes. Plus, it can help you create a professional logo for your business using AI.


Features of this tool

create business names

suggestions on what you like

For small business owners

So, if you’re starting a new business, this generator is a great resource to find a name and even design a logo.

The name of your organization is very crucial in the business world. It’s what draws attention to your brand right away and is what consumers will always identify with. That’s where it can help.

AI business name generator is a special tool that uses AI to come up with short, catchy, and memorable AI-generator business names for your business.

These names will make your business stand out and be more memorable than others.

Nameless doesn’t just help with naming your business. It also teams up with to offer a cool logo design service using AI. This can be super useful for different folks.

For example, if you’re starting a new business and want a name that people will remember, namlix can help. It’s also a useful tool for marketers who want to give their products memorable names.

And nameliz has you covered if you’re a business owner seeking a polished logo to improve the perception of your brand. It’s an adaptable tool for a wide range of business requirements.

Artificial intelligence to create business names


Who Should Use

It is great for;

Business Starter

 Find a unique and memorable name that will set you apart if you’re starting a company with this tool logo assistance.

Small to Medium Businesses

Namelix, Ai generated name can help, even if you’ve been in business for a long time, with rebranding or creating original names for new items.


Not only is it useful for businesses, but Nameix may also assist you in coming up with a distinctive and memorable name for any creative endeavour you’re working on for yourself, such as launching a blog or personal project.

Namelinx is like having a name expert on your side.

Features OR Characteristics

Certainly, let’s dive deeper into each of the points:

AI-Powered Naming:

  • Namelix employs advanced artificial intelligence to create business names.
  • This tool indicates that it generates unique, brief, and memorable brand names for you using sophisticated computer technology.
  • These names are intended to distinguish your company from competitors and stick out in the thoughts of onlookers.

Customizable Filters:

  • Nameelix gives you control over the name-generation process.
  • You can choose to prioritize certain aspects, like having a shorter name.
  • You can also specify keywords that must be included in the name, ensuring it reflects your business’s core values.
  • Additionally, you can focus on specific domain extensions, helping you find a name that’s available as a web domain on it.

Learning Algorithm:

  • The more you use the business name generator, the smarter it becomes.
  • It has a learning algorithm that pays attention to your preferences.
  • Over time, it refines its suggestions based on what you like and finds appealing.
  • This ensures that the names it generates for you become increasingly better and more tailored to your needs as you use the tool.

In essence, it is not just a random name generator.

it’s a smart tool that evolves to understand your preferences and provide you with the best possible names for your business.

How to use AI brand generator tool?

Sure, here’s a more detailed explanation of how to use it for a business name step by step:

Step 1: Go to

  • To start, open your web browser and visit the website

Step 2: Enter Your Keywords

  • Consider which terms best sum up your brand name maker. The terms listed below will be used while naming your brand.
  • For example, if you’re starting a firm that sells high-tech, eco-friendly kitchen appliances, some of your keywords may include “green,” “technology,” “kitchen,” and “smart.
  • Type these keywords into the provided area on the name Flix website.



create multiple images from a single background

Step 3: Select Your Brand Style

  • Name offers various styles for generating brand names. Each style represents a different type of brand.
  • You can choose from styles like “Auto,” “Brandable Names,” “Alternative Spellings,” “Non-English Words,” “Compound Words,” “Real Words,” “Two Words,” and “Short Phrases.”
  • For your eco-friendly cooking appliances brand, you might select “Compound Words” to reflect the fusion of technology and sustainability using Nomelix.

Step 4: Choose Generation Randomness

  • It allows you to control the level of creativity in the generated names.
  • You can select “Low Randomness” for straightforward and predictable names closely related to your keywords, “Medium Randomness” for a balance of creativity and relevance, or “High Randomness” for unparalleled uniqueness and creativity using it

Step 5: Refine Your Input with Brand Info

  • Further name lix .com refine your inputs by adding extra keywords that capture your business idea.
  • You can provide a one-sentence description of your business, which helps the tool. Com AI generates more accurate names.
  • Check domain availability to ensure that your chosen brand name can be used online.

Step 6: Optional Settings

  • You can adjust the name generation procedure at this phase.
  • By adding terms, prefixes, and suffixes to a blacklist, you may decide which ones to omit from your brand name.
  • You may also choose the length of your name, indicating whether you like a short, attention-grabbing moniker or one that is longer and more descriptive.
  • Checking domain availability is important to ensure your brand name can be used for websites’ email addresses and exo name generators.

Step 7: Generate Names

  • Now, it’s time for it to work as an AI naming tool. Based on your inputs and preferences, the AI will generate a list of potential brand names because it is an AI brand name generator.

Step 8: Choose a Logo

  • One unique feature of this tool is the brand name helper that provides simple logo designs for each generated name.
  • These logos serve as the foundation for your brand’s visual identity, offering a starting point for customization.

Step 9: Check Availability

  1. Make sure your chosen brand name generator AI is appropriate for usage on the internet and legally accessible before deciding on it.
  2. Verify whether the name is accessible for use on your website and whether it has already been trademarked.
  3. Verify that your desired social media handles are not already taken to secure your brand’s online presence.


4 star rating
4 star rating
4 star rating
4 star rating
This comprehensive process ensures that you find a unique, memorable, and legally available brand name for your business with ease.

Pros and cons of Namelix


  • AI-Powered:
  • this app name generator AI uses advanced computer smarts (AI) to come up with names.
  • These names are not random but carefully crafted to be special and memorable.
  • Customizable:
  • You can tell your name preferences for the website name generator.
  • For example, you can ask for a short name for a business name, include specific words, or focus on finding a name with a certain web address ending (like .com).
  • Learning Algorithm:
  • Namels learns from what you like.
  • The more you use it, the better it becomes at suggesting names you’ll love.
  • Affordable:
  • It provides an economical option for businesses that can’t spend a lot on short domain names.
  • You can get a unique and catchy name without breaking the bank.
  • Brandable Names:
  • It doesn’t just create any name; it makes names that are perfect for building a brand.
  • AI business names help stand out and be memorable.


Let’s explain these points:

  1. Internet Required:
  • This tool is not very useful if you are not online.
  • When you’re online, it functions at its finest.

2. Limited Offline Functionality

  • This tool is not very useful if you are not online.
  • When you’re online, it functions at its finest.
  1. AI Dependence:
  2. The quality of the names it suggests depends on how well the computer (AI) understands what you like.
  • It’s like having a chef who can only cook what you tell them.
  1. No Human Touch:
  • This tool doesn’t have any humans helping out.
  • Some people prefer to get name suggestions from other people, like friends or experts.
  1. Subjectivity:
  • Naming is like taste in music.
  • Someone may not think a name sounds decent, even when it sounds amazing to you. That depends on what each individual wants.


How does the name Lix work?

It is like a smart robot that makes up special names for your business. After you tell it what you enjoy, it makes interesting recommendations. It becomes increasingly adept at suggesting names you’ll like the more you use it.
it is an AI name generator free tool. It’s similar to having a helpful buddy who is excellent at giving you things names with this tool.

What problem does Namelix solve?

It is a smart instrument that generates corporate names through the application of artificial intelligence. When you tell it what you like and don’t like, it begins to function. It’s like having a creative partner who changes to suit your preferences.

As a result, it becomes more adept at recommending names that you’ll undoubtedly adore the more you use it.

The cool thing is that the business name generator focuses on short and memorable names. Because they’re simple to remember and suitable for social media handles or websites, short names are fantastic.
Moreover, hardly many other companies have the same name, which makes their names distinctive. Moreover, they won’t break the bank, which is great news for newly established companies.

Therefore, namelic can assist you in selecting the ideal name that will stick in people’s thoughts, whether you’re just starting in the company, rebranding, or introducing new items.

Not only does the logo generator help with names, but it also collaborates with to design expert logos that will give your brand a cohesive appearance. It is a useful tool for marketers, business owners, and anybody else looking to leave a lasting impression.

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