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palette fm

What is Palette FM?

The AI Pictures Colorize Tool on Palette FM is like a magic tool that transforms your old images into vibrant ones.

It is a useful program for converting old monochrome images to color ones. Creating an account or making a payment is not necessary, and it is very simple to use.

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Palette FM is easy to use and an effective tool. Choose your preferred colors for a black-and-white shot, then let the program handle the rest.

palette fm

Features of this tool

converting old monochrome images to color ones.

immediately retrieve your past recollections

It takes only 100-300 milliseconds to transform a single image

You can share the gorgeous and vibrant snapshot that is the result with your loved ones.

The nicest thing is that it’s quick and simple; there’s no need to register and wait for hours. You may enjoy your favorite material in vibrant colors with only a few clicks.

It and Spacelogo ai imply that you can immediately retrieve your past recollections!

It means you can relive your old memories in color without any delay by using Palette. Fm!

Features of Palette FM

Speedy Colorization

  • Palette-FM employs a cutting-edge AI colorization engine that can process black-and-white images incredibly fast.
  • It takes only 100-300 milliseconds to transform a single image, making it one of the quickest tools in the market.
  • This swift performance ensures that you can colorize multiple photos in no time.
  • Despite the speed, the quality of colorization remains impressive. The AI algorithm of Palette FM accurately replicates skin tones, adds vibrant and lifelike colors, and pays attention to intricate details in the image.
  • It means your photos won’t just have color; they will look exceptionally realistic and visually appealing.

Broad Range of Filters

  • Palette. Fm provides users with access to a diverse collection of over 21 color filters. You may choose the exact style you want for your images thanks to the extensive selection of filters available.
  • You can select filters based on your artistic tastes, the image’s historical era, or just your particular style by using palette .fm.
  • Whether you want a classic, vintage appearance or a contemporary, vivid look, the array of filters ensures that you have ample choices to suit your vision.

Flexible Pricing

  • Palette. FM offers a pricing structure designed to accommodate a range of user needs and budgets. They provide multiple options so that users can choose the one that best fits their requirements.
  • The options include a free version for those with basic colorization needs or anyone wanting to try out the service.
  • If you require more advanced features, you can opt for an annual subscription, which unlocks additional functionalities.
  • This tiered approach ensures that Palette. FM caters to both casual users and professionals.

API & No-Code Tools

  • Palette. FM extends its capabilities beyond individual photo colorization. They offer an API (Application Programming Interface), which means other software applications can integrate with Palette. Fm for automated colorization. 
  • This feature is particularly valuable for businesses and professionals who need to streamline their colorization processes.
  • Additionally, palette FM provides a bulk colorization feature. 
  • Palette .fm allows users to quickly and efficiently colorize a large number of images, making it a practical solution for projects with extensive image collections.

Video Integration (Beta)

In a bold step forward, Palette FM is testing a Video API. While it’s currently in the beta stage, it holds great promise.

This feature enables the colorization of individual frames within videos.

Whether you have old movies in standard definition (SD), high-definition (Full-HD), or even ultra high-definition (4K), this tool can bring vibrant color to your moving memories palate. Fm.

quickly and efficiently colorize a large number of images

LAST UPDATE12/12/2023

Automated Colorization

Palette. FM employs advanced artificial intelligence and algorithms to automate the colorization process.

Modern technology makes palette. Fm makes it easier to accomplish labor-intensive tasks by acting as a digital assistant.

It means you don’t need to color each element in a black-and-white photo manually.

Palette-FM uses appropriate colors; the AI system can recognize objects, scenes, and even skin tones.

Using this automated technique significantly reduces the time and effort required to turn dull black-and-white photos into colorful, visually striking artworks.

Use cases

Historical Documentation

  • Palette. FM helps us understand history better by adding color to old pictures.
  • Saves old photos from fading away.
  • Makes history interesting for students.
  • Connects young people with the past.

Media Production

  • Palette .fm Makes old videos look good for new audiences.
  • Keeps the old-timey feel while appealing to modern viewers.
  • Useful for creating documentaries.
  • Revives forgotten stories and times with colorful images.

Museum Exhibitions

  • Palette. FM makes history fun in museums.
  • Helps younger people learn about history.
  • Makes museum exhibits more emotional.
  • Helps schools teach history in a cool way.

Genealogy and Family History

  • Palette. FM makes old family photos look real.
  • Helps people learn about their family’s culture.
  • Encourages families to talk about their past.
  • Palette.ai Keeps family history alive for the future.

Publishing and Print

  • Palete FM makes old books and magazines look nice.
  • Brings history to life in old writings.
  • Helps students learn history from books.
  • Palette. FM makes old stories interesting for new readers.

Real Estate and Architecture

  • Palette.FM helps fix up old buildings with a clear plan.
  • Keeps old building styles while making them modern.
  • Shows developers how to make old places better.
  • Palette. FM app Makes old properties look good for selling or keeping.

Fashion and Apparel

  • Palete .fm Gives ideas to designers from old fashion pictures.
  • Makes fashion fun by mixing old and new.
  • Palete FM teaches people about the history of clothing.
  • Makes old old-fashioned look cool for today.

Legal and Forensic Analysis

  • Palette. FM helps lawyers show old pictures clearly in court.
  • Can find new clues in old evidence.
  • Palette.FM photos Make it easier for judges and investigators to understand old cases.
  • Make sure old legal cases get the whole story.

How to use Palette FM

Getting Started with the Palette.fm app 

  1. Visit the Palette.fm Website:
  • Go to the official Palette.fm website.
  1. Log In or Register:
  • In the upper right corner, click “Login” if you already have a palette. Fm account.
  • Click “Create Account” to register using your Google account or email address if you’re a new user.
  1. Following Registration or Login:
  • You’ll land on the main page of the Palette. Fm.

Using Palette.FM’s Features

  1. Upload Your Photo:
  • On the main page of Platte FM, click “Upload Image” to choose and upload the photo to which you want to add color.
  1. Explore Color Options:
  • Check out the different color choices available in the top menu of palate fm.
  1. Add Instructions:
  • If you want to guide the colorization, use the pencil icon of the Palette. FM on the right to give specific directions.
  1. Download Your Palette Colorized Image:
  • Once you’re satisfied with the outcome, select “Download” at the bottom of the screen to obtain your newly colored picture or movie.
palette fm

palette .fm


Palette Pte Ltd

best AI Colorizer because it’s easy to use and produces great results.

How Palette FM Stands Out

  • Advanced Prompt Editing:

 Palette. FM allows you to give specific instructions for coloring, making sure the colors are just right.

  • User-Friendly Interface:

Palette. FM is considered the best AI Colorizer because it’s easy to use and produces great results.

  • Instagram-Like Filters: 

Palette. FM introduced cool filters that can make your images look fantastic, like Instagram filters.

  • Impressive Results:

 People who’ve tried other services say that Palette. FM achieves better results, making it a standout choice.

Pricing plan

Pricing plans of palate FM are:


  • Monthly cost: $0
  • Includes:
    • Unlimited free colorizations
    • Maximum image size of 500×500 pixels
    • 1 Free HD Credit (for one high-definition download)
    • No watermarks on your images
    • Commercial licensing (you can use the images for business purposes)
    • Access to 20+ filters for enhancing your images

Paid (Subscription)

  • cost: $0.15 per HD image
  • Annual Billing (Save 28%):
    • 40 Credits for $6 per month ($0.15 per HD image)
    • 200 Credits (Popular) for $28 per month ($0.14 per HD image)
    • 500 Credits for $56 per month ($0.11 per HD image)

Pay as You Go (No Subscription)

  • cost: $0.90 per HD image
  • One-time Purchase:
    • 1 Credit for $1.99 per HD image (Pay once)
    • 10 Credits for $9 ($0.90 per HD image, pay once)
    • 75 Credits for $49 ($0.65 per HD image, pay once)

This categorization helps you choose between a free plan, a subscription plan with different credit options for HD downloads, or a pay-as-you-go option for occasional HD downloads.


Is the Palette FM free?

Pallet. FM has a free plan, and with this plan, you can do as many colorizations as you want. You won’t be limited in the number of pictures you can add color to.
Plus, this free plan comes with something called an “HD credit.” It means you have the opportunity to download one of your colorized images in high-definition (HD), which makes it look really clear and sharp.
So, you can colorize lots of photos for free with Palette. FM and you also get to pick one to download in super high quality. It’s a good deal!

Is sign-in required for using Palette FM?

You can use Palette-FM for free without having to create an account or sign up. It implies that coloring your photos doesn’t require any additional steps or money. It is unambiguous and simple to comprehend.
You can qualify for more advantages if you sign up and create an account. For instance, your colorized photos might be available for download in high definition (HD), which will produce even more clarity and detail.
 Therefore, signing up could have some benefits even though it’s not required, especially if you’re looking for the best download possible.

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