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originality ai

What is an originality AI tool?

If you want to work quickly, you are well aware of the AI tools and the detection of AI tools that also show plagiarism.

originality ai

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The originality checker tool is an artificial intelligence technology used to detect the content, whether copied or original human writing.

It is the first AI-detecting tool to detect the AI content. It helps you to detect the content of GPT-5 writing, Chatgpt writing, and AI-created content as Blogify AI do

If you take content from GPT-4, it tells you 99% accurately; if your content is from Chatgpt, then it tells you 83% accurately; and if you created content from AI and then paraphrased it, then it tells you 95% accurately.

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It will also provide a link to where you get the content.

Who uses originality AI

There are the following users of this tool.


Publishers are the best users for their writings. It is amazing for those working on platforms such as Fiber or Upwork.

If you want to hire someone, show their originality in writing; originality is best to check with this amazing tool.


Students also use ChatGPT and other AI tools to write their assignments and projects.

But they can also check the originality of their writings.

So teachers can check whether the students worked originally by their effort or did work by using any AI tool.

originality ai


create multiple works for your content


If you write something and actually you don’t want to write it, and now you want to edit it, then there is no need to worry.

This amazing Originality AI tool will also help you edit your content and remove extra content that you don’t want in your content. In that way, you can save your precious time.

Web designer

Web designers are also using this amazing app for their websites. In search engines, you can’t put useless content and low-quality content.

Originality AI tool will help you to check out the originality of website content that search engines accept, and it also confirms that the landing page is in a good position.


If you created a website and now you want to flip it or want to buy another website, then there might be any kind of difficulty you are facing in it.

So, for buying and flipping a website, make sure that the content of that website is pure, plagiarism-free, in good quality, and 100% human-created.

Accuracy of the originality tool

AI Checker free tool will give you accurate results for checking the originality of the content, whether plagiarised or AI content.

The originality detector can detect the content of GPT-4, GPT-3, and other AI tool content, and it detects the content 100%.


TOOL NAMEOriginality AI

Its lower accuracy is 90%, which is for chat GPT content.

This tool will prove best for you in detecting the AI content, so you can trust it because I have experienced it many times.

Originality AI

CHARACTERISTICS of Original AI Content

The originality tool has the following features in detecting the originality of writing.

Used for checking AI content 

Plagiarism AI checking free tool is best for checking the AI content. .it helps you to check Twitter, how much effort is in writing, and how much it just copied from any amazing too.

It helps you detect the chat GPT 3,4, 3.5, and ChatGPT content and gives you 100,99 and 90% accuracy in AI content.

It also shows you a link from where the writer uses the content.

It not only shows you that the content is from a tool, but it also shows you how much your content is plagiarised.

It shows you that AI content is in highlighted form, so you should be clear about how many words, sentences, or lines are from the AI tool, how much data is plagiarised, and where.

It also shows you the percentage of accuracy of your content.


The readability checker is another feature of this amazing app; it will help you to detect your content in score, stats, and according to reading level, so you also know about your content in that sense.

You can use this amazing tool without any investment.

It will show your content in grades, so you enter your text in the box of originality, and it will detect your readability output.

Chrome extension

Now you have another option, a Chrome extension that helps you quickly detect AI content and plagiarised content with just one button push.

Originality .ai helps you to detect the AI content in Google Docs.

  • You can also see what the writer is writing and how. It is copied and pasted into the writing itself.
  • You can also see who is writing it, either the writer or someone else.
  • You can see the tables and characters added to the sheet by the writer.
  • You can also see when the writer writes something on a sheet.

Defend writer 

This amazing AI tool is also helpful if you write articles and your writing is 100% your creation. It shows your originality and that you, not the AI tool, create content.


4 star rating
4 star rating
4 star rating
4 star rating
It’s best for website content originality checking and helpful for you to scan your website properly.

Marketing agencies 

Marketing agencies should show certainty with clients. It helps you ensure that the articles are created, not created, by using any tool.

Best for publishers

It’s best for publishers publishing articles to be 100% humanized, not from the AI tool. Just publish your content with confidence.


Teamwork should keep check on whether they are working well or not. It’s best for agencies, institutes of academics, website designers, and companies.

Pricing plans

ori pri

PROS of originality of AI tool

There are the following advantages of this tool.

  • It gives you an option for a Chrome extension.
  • It detects the best AI tool content.
  • It is very easy and simple to use.
  • It is very easy to afford 

Limitation of Originality AI

There are the following limitations of this tool.

  • Support only the English language.
  • It does not show depth results; it just shows you in percentage.
  • A free trial is not available.
  • For the Undetectable AI tool, it is not supportable.


AI tool that is best for detecting AI content and plagiarised content; use it once to enjoy its amazing features.

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