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Features of musicfy

  • AI Voice Conversion
  • Create Your AI
  • Stem Splitters
  • Efficient Music Creation
  • Explore New Sounds and Ideas

Features of this tool

This tool helps to covert voices into music and vocals.

It generates the signified vocals without any copyright issues.

It helps to isolate the visuals into individual tracks like drums, piano & bass.

AI Voice Conversion

Musify offers a selection of non-copyrighted vocal tracks that can be utilized to add a new dynamic to your songs.

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You can experiment with various vocal styles and incorporate them into your music. Blogify

Create Your AI

It enables users to upload their vocal samples to create their own AI model, allowing for the creation of AI-generated vocal samples that sound exactly like the user, thus providing new opportunities for music creation.

Stem Splitters

Stem Splitting technology from Musify allows for the isolation of individual tracks within a song, including drums, vocals, and bass.

This feature enables the manipulation of individual components of a song for remixing or creative use.

Efficient Music Creation

The goal of Musofy is to reduce the amount of time spent on recording, improve collaboration, and achieve a unified artistic vision.

Musify provides a more streamlined music-making experience by eliminating the need for long recording sessions and inspiring the creative process.

Explore New Sounds and Ideas

Musify’s AI-generated vocals are copyright-free, allowing you to add AI features to your songs easily.

You can upload these AI-generated vocals to any streaming platform or share them with other artists or songwriters for collaboration.


  • Music Education:

Music educators can utilize Musify as a platform to facilitate the teaching of composition, melody information, and chord progressions to students straightforwardly and interactively.

  • Songwriting:

It facilitates the creative process by allowing songwriters to experiment with varying chords and melodies while composing songs.


  • Music Production:

It can be utilized by producers to conceptualize sing concepts or to generate basic rhythm and melody samples, which can then be incorporated into full-scale productions.

  • Community Engagement:

Music enthusiasts have the opportunity to interact with other users by creating content and submitting it for review, fostering a sense of belonging and mutual learning.

  • Music Therapy:

It can be utilized by therapists to facilitate music therapy, enabling patients to express their creativity and therapeutic needs through musical composition.

User Experience

  • Enhanced Collaboration:
  • It simplifies the process of creating music, enabling artists to work together and synchronize their creative vision.
  • Explore New Sounds:

Artists can utilize the platform’s non-copyrighted vocal content in their songs or share their original AI-generated vocal content with other creators.

  • AI Parodies:

Create entertaining and captivating covers utilizing Artificial intelligence models of popular figures such as Peter Griffen or Joe Biden.


4 star rating
4 star rating
4 star rating
4 star rating
Best service & worth a working voice conversion tool. It generates the best voices and separates the songs into vocals and individual music tracks with just simple clicks and in minutes.

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  • While there is no comprehensive pricing information available, Musify does provide a “Try for Free” option that does not require a credit card.
  • This provides potential users with a risk-free way to investigate the features of the platform.

How to use Musicfy

Step 1:

This AI tool can be accessed for free. However, registration with a Google account is required. The user must upload the audio file that they wish to transfer into a cover.

Step 2:

Examine the options and select whether the cover should be a rap composition or a standard composition.

Step 3:

Choose your cover artist’s voice. Musify offers a broad selection of artists to choose from.

Step 4:

Musify partner program allows you to monetize your voice. Complete the brief form below, and the Musify team will get in touch with you to discuss the next steps.

Step 5:

Explore the covers that other users have created with the Musify AI tool.


What is music?

It is a user-friendly, AI-driven platform that allows users to create custom covers of well-known songs. It provides a music library of well-known artists, such as Ariana Grande and Eminem, as well as Drake. Users can select songs and Vocals and follow a tutorial to create AI covers. 
The AI technology creates a high-quality sound that replicates natural human vocal tones. The AI cover can then be posted on Social Media.


It is more than just another music production platform; it is a driving force for artistic freedom in the digital era.

Utilizing AI technology, Musify provides a wide range of features that are suitable for amateur and professional musicians alike.

Whether it is composing original songs, creative AI-generated parodies, or experimenting with vocal techniques, Musify provides artists with the necessary tools to realize their musical aspirations.

With its complimentary trial offer, there is no reason not to partake in the Musify revolution.

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Rated 5.0 out of 5
February 18, 2024

I enjoyed a lot with different chord and melodies .Best melodies and chord tool.